Home improvement shows like “Fixer Upper” and “Flip or Flop” are all the rage these days. People love the idea of taking an existing home and revamping it to reflect the latest, trendiest home styles.

Often these shows leave homeowners feeling inspired to make some changes and adjustments in their own homes.

While it may not be possible – or desirable – to tear down the walls in your home and completely renovate it like Chip and Joanna Gaines or the Property Brothers do, there are a few ways you can give your home a quick and easy facelift.

Feeling inspired to try your hand at a new home decor style? Want to give your home a quick update for 2018? Here are some of this year’s home decor trends you may want to experiment with!

2018 Home Decor Trends To Try Out In Your Home

Natural Elements

Stone, copper, concrete, wood – natural elements are showing up all over the place in homes these days. If you’re thinking of refinishing a bathroom or a fireplace, or you’re thinking about investing in new furniture for a room or two, keep natural elements in mind!


Going with the natural theme, plants in the home are taking off again. Organic-looking plants give a pop of life to any space and bring a little bit of the outdoors in.


Those who bought homes built in the 80s that were covered top to bottom in wallpaper may cringe, but it’s true. Patterned wallpaper is making a comeback.

Not totally sure you’re all the way on board with wallpaper? Try out a fun patterned paper for an accent wall in your home to get your feet wet.


People are starting to move further out of the neutral zone this year with bold colors from a variety of palettes. From rich hues to bright colors for accent pieces, incorporating color is going to be key during 2018.

Geometric Patterns

From backsplashes and tile patterns to carpet and furniture patterns, geometric patterns are back in this year. If you’re looking for a quick way to incorporate this trend into your home, try adding some funky throw pillows to your couch for a start!


No more plain curtains, rugs, and comforters! Bold, floral prints are coming back into style.

Light Wood

For a while there, dark wood was the way to go when it came to furniture, built ins, and cabinets. These days, the trend is starting to shift back towards lighter wood finishes.

Creative Storage Elements

Creative, functional storage units are becoming increasingly popular. Unique, versatile pieces add character to spaces while providing helpful opportunities for storage and organization.

Funky Light Fixtures

From vintage lamps to quirky hanging lights, eye catching light fixtures are in this year. They don’t have to be new either! Keep and eye out for cool, unique pieces at second hand stores. A little polish and you’re good to go!

Wall Art

Cover your walls with character! From signs featuring meaningful quotes and statements to unique, one-of-a-kind pieces of art, showcasing creative things on the walls of your home is in during 2018.

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