December 11th is recognized as Mobile App Day. Apps, or software applications, were introduced to the world as technology, mobile devices, touchscreens, and internet capability increased. Over the years, companies have developed millions of new apps for both Apple and Android mobile devices for a variety of purposes. These include areas of business, entertainment, news, and productivity, and even mobile apps for homeowners. 

Moving into a new home, or simply being a homeowner in general, can be an overwhelming process. There are several mobile apps for homeowners to help make the process smoother. Here are 20 of our must-have mobile apps for homeowners! 

  1. Centriq

    Are you at a loss when something in your home needs fixing? With Centriq, all you need to do is take a photo of the product label that is broken, upload it to the Centriq app, and it will gather data including the user manual, guides, how to videos, and other helpful resources. 

  2. Moved

    The moving process can be stressful, but the Moved is one of the available mobile apps for homeowners that assists with the moving process. It can help you find movers, hire packers in your area, update your new address, sell personal belongings, and even hire home painters. 

  3. Everything But The House

    Have you ever used ebay to bid on fun items that you find? Everything but the House combines a similar convenience setup of eBay with unique décor items for homeowners. Homeowners have seven days to bid on their wishlist items against other homeowners who are interested in the same thing. 

  4. NextDoor

    Being new to a neighborhood can be overwhelming since you don’t know much about the neighbors or community yet. NextDoor offers a communication app for new homeowners to get a feel for potential communities and neighborhoods. Once they are living in a set location, the app allows you to communicate with the people in your neighborhood, ask questions, offer service recommendations, and share news and events. 

  5. iScape

    Do you want a landscape that your neighbors will envy, but lack the design knowledge? IScape helps you create an outdoor landscape by taking a photo of your outdoor space and offering improvements and design suggestions. The app allows homeowners to visualize the space before actually buying the materials and getting started with the hard outdoor work. 

  6. ADT Pulse

    ADT Pulse is one of the great mobile apps for homeowners out there when it comes to security measures. Pulse will help you to monitor alarms, motion detectors, and any cameras you have in your home. Through the app, you can turn on lights, security alarms, and unlock and lock doors from any location around the world.  

  7. LikeThat Decor

    For the homeowners in need of a little décor guidance, LikeThat Décor app is extremely helpful. Once you see a piece of furniture, or houseld décor item, simply research it through the app to compare and get necessary information before purchasing it. 

  8. HOA Resident Directory

    The HOA Resident Directory app allows homeowners to keep track of notices and fines that the residents of the neighborhood have been given with photo or video proof of the violations. You can also check to see if these issues have been resolved and stay up to date with the process.  

  9. AroundMe

    When you first move to a new location, you’re not too familiar with the area or what’s in it. With the AroundMe app you can search for local businesses in the neighborhood like hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and more. 

  10. DocuSign

    DocuSign is one of the most recommended mobile apps for homeowners because of the amount of paperwork buying or selling a home requires. Docusign allows homeowners to use their phone or tablet to sign and send documents electronically. 

  11. Benjamin Moore Color Capture App

    Are you having trouble finding an exact shade of paint for your home? By using the Benjamin Moore Color Capture app, you can take a photo of the color you are looking for and it will search through over three thousand paint options of colors to find the best match. Then you can shop for paint and home décor items in that matching color. 

  12. JouleBug

    JouleBug is one of the best mobile apps for homeowners for measuring energy consumption. It measures the energy you use in your home and then offers suggestions for decreasing your output and for saving money. 

  13. OfferUp

    Before moving into a new home, many homeowners realize they have too many belongings to transport and that they need to get rid of things before the big move. You can download OfferUp and upload your items to the app to try and make some extra cash. You can also search the app for secondhand household items in your area to buy for yourself. 

  14. Happy Plant

    Happy Plant is one of the unique mobile apps for homeowners on the technology market. The app helps you create a schedule for watering your household plants. Then, it reminds you with notifications and keeps track of the watering cycle and growth of the plants all through the app. 

  15. 1Password

    As a homeowner, you need many unique passwords to manage different websites and accounts. Remembering them all can be very difficult. With 1Password, you can input your individual passwords securely, then it generates one master password. This master password can then be used for all of the individual accounts. It will automatically notify you and update if the passwords are ever compromised. 

  16. Bubble Level App

    The Bubble Level App is a helpful tool for many new homeowners. The app can be used as a surface level, ruler, and even a metal detector for when you are drilling into walls and want to know if there are wires behind it.  

  17. Homesavvy

    Its hard to keep track of all the different home maintenance tasks you need to stay up to date with as a homeowner. Homesavvy helps you to create a schedule, send you reminders, and even has a built in directory of local services to help you out with some of the home maintenance tasks like cutting the grass or cleaning the gutters. 

  18. Photo Measures

    Mobile apps for homeowners have become more detailed and innovative than ever before. Photo Measures is proof of just that. Upload a photo of a room in your home, and then write in it’s measurements right on the picture itself. This is so much easier and more organized than writing down and trying to keep track of room measurements on paper. 

  19. Ring

    The Ring app allows homeowners to monitor their home’s safety. The app integrates with other Ring products to alert homeowners when there is motion detected or people are at the front door. It also allows them to speak with the visitors in real-time through the app. 

  20. AllTrails

    Are you a hiking fanatic who has moved to a new neighborhood and you have no idea where the best trails are? AllTrails is a mobile app that compiles data of trails for running, hiking, and bicycling in various locations. You can search by location, difficulty level, and even find which hikes are kid or dog friendly.