Whether you’ve lived in your home for years or you just moved in, there are always challenges when it comes to keeping a house clean and organized. Here, we’ll share 10 of our favorite easy tips for keeping your house in good order!

10 Tips for Cleaning and Organizing Your Home

1. Wipe Down the Countertops

When cleaning up after meals, be sure to wipe down the countertops. This easy step will keep crumbs to a minimum and can prevent counter space from becoming sticky.

2. Take Care of Dishes Immediately

It can be tempting to simply leave dishes next to the sink following a meal, especially when life is hectic. By taking a few minutes after each meal to address the dishes, you can save yourself from having to clean up a cluttered, messy kitchen at the end of the day.

3. Run the Dishwasher Frequently

Keep as many dishes as you can clean and in your kitchen cabinets at all times. This means running the dishwasher frequently – and unloading it and putting the dishes away promptly once it is done!

4. Wipe Down the Bathroom Daily

Cleaning bathrooms can be quite a chore. Doing a little bit each day (wiping down the counters one day, vacuuming the next, squeegeeing the shower the next, etc.) can help to make it less of a chore – and can keep your bathrooms looking spiffy and clean at all times.

5. Fold and Put Away Laundry

After you’ve done a load of laundry, don’t leave it in a pile on the couch or in the laundry basket! Fold it and put it away immediately whenever possible. It only takes a few minutes, but your living space will look much neater when items of clothing are in closets and dressers where they belong.

6. Make the Bed

A disheveled bed changes the look of an entire room. Making the bed is a quick and easy way to keep a room looking well put together.

7. Use Labels

Whether you use file folders to organize your paperwork and bills, bins to organize household items, or cubbies to organize kids’ toys, having an effective labeling system will help you to keep everything where it belongs. It will also help you to find what you are looking for quickly and easily.

8. Sort Mail as it Comes In

Incoming mail including magazines, bills and junk mail can be a huge source of household clutter. Instead of just piling mail up on the counter or table, try to address items as they arrive each day whenever possible.

9. Clean One Room Per Day

Cleaning your entire home in one go can be an overwhelming task. Breaking this giant task into more manageable chunks can be incredibly effective. Spending a little bit of time each day neatening and freshening up one room of the house is a great way to keep your home looking tidy without the stress of cleaning everything in one day.

10. Donate Frequently

Whether it’s clothes you don’t wear anymore, toys your kids have outgrown or outdated pieces of furniture you’re still holding onto, don’t let items you intend to donate clutter up your home. Donations are needed all times of the year and chances are someone could really use the items you are planning to donate that are just sitting around!

Find a New Home You’ll Be Excited to Keep Clean

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