It’s that time of the year again; that irritating in between period before Spring arrives. It’s not cold enough for a nice snowfall to allow us snowman building and sledding opportunities, and yet still too cold to enjoy the outdoors in other capacities.

The ground is soggy, the snow and ice looks dirty and the small bits of grass peeking out are brown and lifeless. It’s a dull, gross wasteland of this yearly purgatory between seasons and we’re trapped here for several more weeks.

So with cabin fever fully settling in, let’s take a look at some great suggestions on how to make the best of these next few weeks trapped inside until Mother Nature graces us with the presence of Spring and fresh-air once again.

  1. Day Trips

    Ok, so perhaps this isn’t a method of staying inside and being entertained but let’s face it; we all need to get out of the house sometime. And what better way than a change of scenery?

    Most of us aren’t the outdoorsy type to tackle hiking or other outdoor adventures this time of year, but living in Upstate New York we are conveniently located within close proximity to a variety of great locations!

    Downtown Albany, Saratoga, Troy and other urban areas frequently host a wide assortment of wonderful festivals, bar crawls and even winter markets in addition to a variety of theatrics and entertainment. If you feel like venturing further away consider taking a trip to the Finger Lake regions and exploring the wine trails, or even wander around the small towns of Cooperstown or Woodstock.

  2. Get Crafty

    Whether you live alone or have a large family, crafting is a wonderful way to exercise your brain and spend a few hours creating something beautiful and satisfying.

    Consider trying something new! Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn how to crochet or take up scrapbooking. That paint kit you thought would be a lot of fun to complete? Go dust it off and start it! With the vast assortment of resources available on the internet there are unlimited options for what you can create.

    For those of you that have smaller children, consider something small and easy for their limited motor skills and attention spans. Science projects made with household items like simple volcanoes or Oobleck make for excellent activities that will stimulate their imaginations and engage their minds.

  3. Try a New Recipe

    In our fast-paced world it seems like we’re always searching for the fastest and easiest options available to us in every aspect of our life. Which is why this in-between period is the perfect opportunity to slow down just a bit and enjoy the mundane a bit more than we would typically be able to.

    Consider attempting a recipe you haven’t had the time to prepare in a while, or have always wanted to try. Turn on some background music and enlist the help of a spouse, friend or family member to make it even more memorable! When you’re done consider sharing a picture of the final product on social media with a little explanation of the process and how it turned out in the end.

  4. Play Board Games

    With technology constantly in our faces sometimes the most refreshing thing we can do is unplug for just a little while and spend some quality time face-to-face without any devices. What better way to do that than with a little bit of friendly competition!

    Whether you have young children or a group of animated adults around your table, there is no shortage of appropriate choices on the market these day. From Candyland to Monopoly, Apple to Apples to Pictionary board games are a fantastic way to fill your day with tons of laughter and your favorite people.

  5. Walk Down Memory Lane

    This is especially fun if you have younger children in the home who may never have seen Mommy, Daddy or other family members when they were little.

    Make some popcorn, snuggle under the blankets and go through the family albums sharing stories and memories behind every picture and video. It makes for a wonderful opportunity to stroll into the past and share stories of your childhood, different times and other places with everyone watching and listening.

    Little ones will absolutely love seeing pictures and watching videos of themselves when they were so much smaller, so make sure to capture those precious reactions on film, too!