Trees in local park to honor Arbor Day

Arbor Day will be celebrated on Friday April 29th, 2022. It is a day celebrated across the country to inspire people to plant, maintain, and celebrate trees and all they have to offer us. The typical way many people choose to celebrate this holiday is by planting a tree either in their backyard or somewhere locally in their neighborhood or community. However, there are other ways to celebrate that people may not be aware of. Here are 8 ways to celebrate Arbor Day in your neighborhood. 

Plant a Tree

As we mentioned, the most common way for celebrating Arbor Day is by planting a tree. You can choose to plant a tree in your own backyard, a local community park, or another approved place in your neighborhood. You could even organize a group of neighbors to plant one together. 

Tree Scavenger Hunt

Get the neighborhood adults and kids involved and host a tree scavenger hunt. List things to search for like oldest tree, widest tree, and tallest tree. Have everyone search the neighborhood and learn about the variety of trees as they search. 

Read About Trees

You can learn a great deal about trees by reading about them. There are tons of books written about various tree topics. Go to your local library or find a book at your local bookstore and learn about all the benefits trees provide to us. 

Craft Project

There are so many materials that come from recycled parts of a tree. Another way to celebrate Arbor Day is to use those materials and create a craft project out of them. You can even use live tree parts like acorns and pinecones. 

Neighborhood Cleanup

Another great way to honor Arbor Day is to host a neighborhood cleanup. While this project doesn’t relate to trees, you are still cleaning up local areas to provide a healthier and cleaner environment for our trees to grow healthy and strong. Not to mention, people will be encouraged to enjoy the local spots more when they are taken care of. 

Attend or Host a Class

Some community organizations host classes on tree maintenance such as tree planting, identifying trees, or tree pruning. Attending one of these classes is a great way to honor Arbor Day. If you can’t find any classes in your community, you can even learn about the topic and organize a class yourself for the whole community. 

Go For a Hike

Simply going outside for a hike through the local trails in your neighborhood can be a fun way to honor Arbor Day. As you hike through the trails, you can point out trees and try identifying them. Or, you can just appreciate their beauty and the benefits they bring to us on your walk. 

Have a Picnic

Do you have a favorite tree in your backyard or a favorite one in your neighborhood park or another local spot? Grab your family or friends and head over to the tree for a nice picnic. The tree will provide shade for your picnic blanket and food, and you can admire it’s beauty while enjoying a nice day outside.