Farmhouse style is all the rage these days when it comes to homes and home decor. The rustic, well-worn feel paired with a simple, neutral color palette is broadly appealing – even to those living in neighborhoods and newly built homes that do not even remotely resemble farmhouses.

The good news is that while not everyone can own an authentic farmhouse, just about anyone can add some authentic farmhouse charm into their home, no matter what style of home it is.

Looking for some ideas for adding some farmhouse flair to your home in Upstate NY? Here are 10 ways to do it!

How to Add Farmhouse Style To Your Home

  1. Incorporate Some Flea Market Finds

Adding some unique, rustic items to your decor is a great way to add some farmhouse flair to your home. This is especially ideal if you’re just beginning to experiment with the farmhouse style, as it’s low budget and not permanent!

  1. Use Wood Accents

Wood accents are a staple of the farmhouse style. Whether it’s your window trims and baseboards, your furniture, or your wall decor, be sure to incorporate wooden accents throughout the home to help it feel more rustic.

  1. Embrace Greys, Whites and Neutrals

The farmhouse style typically incorporates lots of greys, whites and neutral colors along with wood accents and occasional strategic pops of color. If you’re looking to do something that can be both versatile and farmhouse-style in your home and you have some walls that need fresh paint, give this color palette a try.

  1. Add Some Exposed Beams

Exposed beams can change the whole feel of a room and make even ranch and colonial-style homes feel a bit more farm-y. While this is more of a big-ticket renovation item, it’s also one that will give you a lot of bang for your buck when transforming a home’s style.

  1. Choose Wide Plank Flooring

Need to redo the floors in a section of your house? Want to make things feel a bit more like a farmhouse? Consider wide plank flooring. Wide plank hardwood floors are a characteristic of many traditional farmhouses so if you’re looking to emulate that style, keep this floor style in mind.

  1. Embrace Imperfections

One of the things that makes farmhouses so charming and appealing is their character. Imperfections in some of the features, unfinished or unrefined elements – these aspects give farmhouses the lived-in feel that so many people crave. With that in mind, try embracing the quirks and imperfections in your home.

  1. Add Some Greenery

Indoor plants and greenery help to give farmhouses the organic feel and flair that many people adore. If you’re looking for a more farm-y feel, try adding some greenery to your indoor decor. Start out with live plants that are easy to care for. Don’t want to worry about watering? Invest in a few faux plants instead.

  1. Choose Furniture Strategically

Farmhouse designs can accommodate a variety of furniture styles. When trying to add a bit of farmhouse flair to your home, it’s important to choose furniture strategically. Don’t go too modern or too antique. Instead, try to choose a mixture that’s cohesive and eclectic, filled with pieces that you love that complement the other farmhouse elements you’ve incorporated.

  1. Try an Accent Wall

Accent walls are another popular farmhouse style element that’s easy to implement in homes of any and all styles. Walls covered in shiplap, wooden boards, or wallpaper can be a stylish and versatile way to work some farmhouse charm into any space.

  1. Add Some Barn Doors

Replacing traditional doors with sliding wooden barn doors in a home’s interior is another great way to give a farmhouse feel to any type of house. These doors are especially popular for closets and bathrooms, but can be used just about anywhere as long as there’s adequate space. If you’re looking for a creative way to update a room and add some farmhouse style, keep barn style doors in mind!

Farmhouse Flair That Works Anywhere!

 No matter the style of house you live in, there’s always room to add a bit of farmhouse flair to make it feel even more cozy and more like home.

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