International Yoga Day is celebrated on Monday June 21st. Yoga is popular form of exercise that provides many health benefits, relaxation, and improved focus. Many people practice insidewhether alone or in a group class. However, practicing outdoors can be a wonderful experience as well. Getting outdoors and becoming one with nature while meditating can provide even more benefits. And the best part is, you can celebrate International Yoga Day right in your own backyard with these backyard yoga tips for beginners! 

woman practicing yoga routine in backyard

Picking a Spot in Your Backyard

Regardless of how much space you have in your backyard, it is important to consider the best spot for practicing yoga. You want to pick a space with a comfortable terrain. You will be standing or laying on this spot with or without a mat for the duration of your practice. Be sure to pick a clear area without any rocks, roots, or an uneven surface. If you decide against using a mat, find a grassy area in your backyard so you have some cushion and comfortability. Some people prefer not using a yoga mat when they practice outside so they can feel the ground and be more connected to the elements and nature. 

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Yoga in the Sun vs Shade

It’s also important to consider how much sunlight or shade you will want or need during your practice when picking a location in your backyard. If you want to participate in a more active routine where you will want to be cool, find a location with some trees so you have some shade to protect you from getting overheated. If you are a person who prefers to be warmer while practicing or want to make it feel as if you are doing a hot yoga class, pick a spot in your backyard with optimal sunlight. Just be sure to stay protected with some sunscreen! 

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Music for Your Yoga Routine

Picking the right music for your practice is especially important. Your choice in music can be critical to setting the mood for your entire backyard routine. You can choose whatever music will relax you or put you in a meditation state. Some common types of music for practice are nature element sounds, Acoustic music, Classical, Folk, and traditional Indian music. 

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Invite Friends to Your Backyard Practice

Once you establish your own routine, why not invite some friends over to enjoy it with you? Instead of all signing up for a class together, plan it right in your backyard to save money. Make sure your backyard has enough space for the friends that you invite over. Tell your friends what they should bring including a yoga mat, towel, water bottle, and resistance bands, blocks, or any other routine accessories. If you feel you are experienced enough you can choose to lead the group or you can find routine videos online to follow. If you choose the video route, be sure to find a screen big enough to broadcast the class to everyone so they can see and hear the class properly.  

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