Living in Upstate NY, moving during the Winter might not always be an ideal situation. We experience snowy, rainy and sometimes icy conditions – sometimes all within one day! Here are some tips when moving in the Winter.

Check the weather ahead of time, plan around larger snow storms if possible.

  • Did you know that between January and March you will find the lowest rates for moving? Moving companies have more flexibility and dates available. If the weather looks not so ideal on moving day, check with them to see if you can move it. But, if you have the option, you can save money by asking friends and family. Chances are during the winter they might not have as much going on in their schedule as they would in the summer months.

Start early

  • As we all know, it gets dark at 4:30 pm during the winter, no one likes moving in the dark, if you start bright and early – any hiccups can get solved early.

Keep a first aid kit on hand

  • Band-Aids are a necessity if anyone has a fall.

Prep the inside and outside of both moving sites 

  • Was there a recent snow fall? Make sure that all snow is cleared and any icy patches have salt on them. You do not want anyone to hurt themselves if they fall. Put boxes or tarps inside your house so people do not have to take off their boots every time they walk inside. This way, the carpet or hardwood will not get all snow or wet, melting snow can do a job on your floors.

Make sure your utilities are transferred over

  • It gets chilly at night in the winter, you’ll want to make sure that your heater is on and that the first night in the new house is toasty warm.

Bundle in layers, hats, gloves and comfortable boots and make sure to shut off the heat

  • Have you ever heard the old saying “I’m not heating the outside!”? In the winter you want the heat to be on, but if you dress in layers, you’ll save yourself money. You can leave a space heater in one room incase your moving crew needs a quick warmup.

Provide a warm beverage

  • Whether you have warm hot cocoa or coffee brewing, make sure that your movers have something warm to drink. This will also help warm up their hands!

Moving in the Winter may not be ideal, but knowing you will have your summer move-in free is a huge perk!