Decorating the Christmas tree is a favorite tradition for many children around the holidays. When they get to be involved in creating the ornaments that go on the tree, it makes the experience even more enjoyable for them. Here are some of our favorite Christmas tree ornament activities to help children create fun and colorful ornaments they can see on the tree throughout the holidays!

Help the kids build their own Christmas tree ornaments out of a cardboard cereal box, pom poms, ribbon, photos, and glue. They make great photo frame gifts and add a pop of color to the tree. 

If you have an old Scrabble game lying around, why not turn the pieces into a memorable holiday ornament? You can also order Scrabble tiles in bulk from Amazon or local craft stores. Spell out personalized names, holiday phrases, and more while adding a special touch to your Christmas tree. 

One of our favorite quick and easy Christmas tree ornament activities is the reindeer fingerprint ornament. It is a perfect craft for beginners and only takes about 5 minutes to make. All you need is a white ornament, craft paint, paint pens, glue, and a red pom pom. 

These Popsicle stick Christmas trees are one of the easiest Christmas tree ornament activities for kids to do. All you need are 3 popsicle sticks per ornament, cardstock, twine, and any other craft materials to help decorate them! 

If you’re looking for one of the Christmas tree ornament activities that smells the best, these cinnamon dough ornaments are the best. The recipe only requires three ingredients to create the wonderful smell. Be careful though as they are not edible since the recipe requires glue to hold them together. 

These wood slice napkin ornaments are so easy to make and look like you could buy them from the store. All you need to do is find a napkin with a fun design, Mod Podge your wood slice ornament, place the napkin on the slice, then apply another layer of Mod Podge on top. If your child is looking for a craft that looks a little more mature and less childlike, this activity will be right up their ally. 

This Christmas tree ornament activity requires a bunch of mason jar lids and yarn. For each ornament, you take a mason jar lid, wrap them in yard using glue to secure it, then you can add whatever other decoration elements you wish to add pops of color to your Christmas tree.