Building a New Home: Should You Wait?

With so many unknowns in our country at the moment, many of us are wondering how to proceed in so many different aspects of our life. Those who were considering the move towards upgrading their living situation are in a particularly interesting predicament.

To begin, there are some very legitimate concerns about the status of our financial security in regards to jobs, money in the bank, and steadily declining 401ks. Compound that with school/child care closings, our current health crisis and the strain on your typical family is very understandable.

So for those contemplating the decision to either move forward amidst the chaos or wait it out, first ask yourselves a few important questions.

First, are you a sole income household? When the burden falls on one individual to be the primary bread-winner of the family, this decision can be particularly intimidating. However with multiple sources of income being brought in, it allows a bit of leeway in the event that one person needs to seek new employment.

Second, how stable is your career at the moment? There’s simply no way around it; our country is facing one of its worse internal crisis we’ve ever encountered and it’s taking its toll on many different industries. With layoffs already occurring and thousands facing termination, it’s extremely important to analyze this particular element for peace of mind.

Answering these two important questions is critical during this time, especially since building a brand new home is a special moment in anyone’s lives.

It’s a time when you make all the calls; every decision is based on your desires. It is the culmination of all your effort and hard work throughout the years physically embodied into the place where you will create moments to be cherished and build priceless memories with those that you love.

Whether you’re on the fence with dozens of questions or absolutely certain that you’re ready to build a home with us, we want to let you all know that we’re here to provide answers to your inquiries as best as we can.

Because we understand completely. We’re husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, friends and coworkers.

We’re in this with all of you.