After a long winter of being couped up inside, many homeowners are itching to start enjoying their outdoor spaces at home. Whether you have a backyard patio or porch, both are great ways to enjoy the outdoors and create a space personalized for you and your family. Not sure how to prepare your space for the months to come? Here are some tips on decorating your backyard patio for the season. 

Add Plants & Landscaping

You can spruce up any outdoor space by doing a little landscaping. Some inexpensive and easy landscaping additions are adding stone along the edge of your backyard patio, planting some flowers, or you can put a few standing plants around the perimeter. Even though you are already outdoors, adding a few plants (feal or faux) can help add to the aesthetic. 

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Comfortable Furniture

If you plan on spending a lot of time enjoying your backyard patio this summer, you will want to make sure you have comfortable furniture for you and your guests. Make sure your outdoor furniture is also weatherproof and durable to withstand rain and other weather conditions.  

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Another essential element to creating your own personal backyard oasis is lighting. There are so many options for lighting when it comes to an outdoor space. You can use lanterns, string lights, solar lights, or even tiki torches. If you are looking to create more of an ambience, you can look at different fireplace options as well.  

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Statement Rugs & Pillows

Throw rugs and pillows are a great way to add pops of color to your patio. They can help add personalization and reflect the aesthetic you are aiming for. Just make sure when purchasing them that they are meant for the outdoors and are weatherproof.  

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