Does your yard need a little cleanup around this time of year? Unfortunately Fall isn’t all about beautiful colors, apples and football. The leaves start falling and suddenly you find your yard a bit of a mess. Here are a few must-do’s for fall clean-up!

  1. Clean up leaves and debris
    • Grab your rake and start pilling the leaves, have some fun and let the kids jump in them before your totally remove them. Make sure to remove them from your lawn after because leaves and debris attract pests!
  2. Weed, till and mulch your vegetable garden
    • Once your finished with your last harvest, get your garden prepared for next year. You’ll want to completely till the plot.
  3. Clean out gutters
    • Leaves and other debris need to be cleaned out, once it snows, that extra weight could damage your gutters and even tear them off.
  4. Trim out of place branches
    • Make sure your trees are trimmed down so the snow doesn’t break the limbs and branches. It could ruin your trees if not.
  5. Give your lawn one last mow
    • Make sure to clip your grass a little more than usual & don’t forget to clean up the grass clippings!
  6. Clean up pet waste.
    • Do you have pets? This is the not so fun part of fall clean-up, make sure to clean everything up so it doesn’t kill your grass.
  7. Remove dead shrubs and trees
    • You do not want to clean up all kinds of broken limbs all winter long as the snow falls, so remove the dead plants while you are cutting back anyways!
  8. Cut back perennials
    • Add mulch and cloth barriers to your extra sensitive perennials.
  9. Plant bulbs, shrubs, and fall annuals
    • There are plenty of beautiful flowers that can last throughout the cold weather! Check out a list here.
  10. Put away your garden equipment and deck furniture
    • Best place to store your stuff is either your garage or shed until next spring!