Got some old junk sitting around the house? Or trying to think of some at-home projects to do? Here are some ideas to upcycle. In case you haven’t heard, upcycling is the art of refurbishing old stuff instead of throwing it away. It’s a craft that saves the trash heaps from getting too full and is a fun way to give old stuff a fresh new look.  

  1. Put a cork in it

      This is one is for all the wine drinkers out there! Wine corks can be turned into a variety of things.    
    – Add a decoration like a crystal to the top of them to make a bottle stopper 
    – Add any kind of décor to it for a fun and festive ornament 
    – Cut corks in half and glue to a surface to make a hot plate or even a bathmat 
    – Mini stamps 
    – Labels 

    The list can go on and on. has several more ways to reuse those old corks. 

  2. You can do this one!  

    Old cans can be turned into beautiful centerpieces or small decorative additions to your home. Take an old can and some glue and wrap it in unused wallpaper or any craft paper. Stick some pens in it and add it to your workspace or add some pretty flowers and place atop your coffee table. Either way this idea is cheap and easy.  

    Simple As That blog has a list of more ideas.  

  3. Frame it! 

    Old picture frames can easily be upgraded. From adding a fun fabric, colorful duct tape or fresh paint, old picture frames can easily get a makeover. A picture can say more than a thousand words with an upcycled frame! 

  4. A pop of color to walk on 

    Upcycle an old rug with a quick vacuum and some dye. And a pop of color to your floor by cleaning an old rug or mat, dipping it in a colorful dye and let dry.  

  5. A green idea for old plastic bottles 

    Any old lotion, body wash, shampoo or conditioner bottle can easily be made into a little planter. Simply cut the bottle in half, paint it a pretty color and plant some small plants or herbs. This can be a beautiful addition to any kitchen, pantry or windowsill. 

    DIY To Make has more information on this idea.

  6. Refurbishing furniture 

    Turn any old desk, chair or table into a modern piece for your home. Old wooden furniture can easily be sanded down and re-stained or painted with a fresh new color!