It may not get the credit it deserves but the Mud Room is one of the most useful and versatile locations in homes that are lucky enough to have one.

At Heritage Custom Builders, many of our floor plans include these convenient rooms.

Useful for a wide assortment of reasons, organization is one of the largest benefits. Take a coat closet, for instance. It may seem like a trivial element to any house, until you have lived without one.

It’s not enough just to have a coat room; location matters as well. Having a closest located on the other end of the entrance to your home is arguably worthless. This is why our floor plans lead straight into the mud room following after the entry of the home, which feature a spacious closet. The proximity of closet to entrance eliminates the probability of coats being abandoned on the floor or other inappropriate location.

It’s much more than coats, too. Especially for those of us living in colder climates, we require an impressive amount of gear required to shield ourselves from the frigid elements. The Mud Room allows our customers the opportunity to remove their gear in an appropriate location, and space to store it afterwards.

Many of our mudrooms also feature Hall Trees, depicted in the image to the right. This piece of furniture provides a quick and easy location for homeowners to throw coats without creating clutter in addition to allowing them a spot to sit and easily put on their shoes.

Besides convenience and storage, a Mud Room also creates a necessary barrier between the outside of the home and the inside. Dirty shoes, boots, tools, etc can be removed in an isolated area to avoid dirt and germs being tracked throughout the home.

Depending on your needs Mud Rooms can be individually designed and incorporated into many layouts to suit your needs. So call our designers today and allow us to help you build the home you’ve always dreamed of!