Cinco de Mayo Party Sombrero and Maracas

Cinco de Mayo is a holiday full of celebration by people all over the world. The best way to celebrate is by throwing a good old-fashioned fiesta. If you aren’t sure where to begin, or you have never thrown a fiesta before, we have some tips for hosting a Cinco de Mayo party.  

Cinco de Mayo Decorations

The key to any party, fiesta or not, is having great decorations. Whether you buy them from the store, online, or DIY, here are some options for Cinco de Mayo decorations and party supplies. 

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Cinco de Mayo Decorations 

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Cinco de Mayo Recipes

You can’t have a great party, without great food. Tacos, chips and salsa, churros, the options are endless! Here are a few recipes to help put together a full course fit for a fiesta! 

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Cinco de Mayo Games

Cinco de Mayo is all about having fun and playing games. There are a ton of fun games to play for adults, children, or the whole family. Try out some of the popular games below. 

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Cinco de Mayo Drinks

If everyone at your party is of legal drinking age, the drinks can be a great fun addition to any fiesta. Margaritas are a typical drink for a fiesta, but there are other options as well. Here are some Cinco de Mayo favorites. 

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