Having a coffee bar set up in your home can save you a lot of money from running to Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, or your local coffee shop every morning to purchase a cup of coffee. This trend has become not only a necessity in the home for caffeine lovers, but also a staple décor piece for homeowners as well. Thinking of adding a coffee corner to your home? Use this guide to help you learn how to DIY a coffee bar in your home. 

hand pouring mug of coffee at DIY coffee bar at home

Pick a Location

When creating a coffee area in your home, location is key. You need a space that will have enough room for your coffee maker or espresso machine and any other ingredients or supplies you want to include. Another thing to consider when choosing a location is if you want your coffee area to be stationary or mobile. This will determine if you use shelving, a countertop, an upcycled hutch, or a cart or something else on wheels. 

Stock the Coffee Bar

The next step when you DIY a coffee bar in your home is to decide what you are going to stock it with. Like we mentioned earlier, you will need a coffee maker or espresso machine of some sort to make your coffee drinks. Besides the machine, you can add as many gadgets or ingredients as you like. A few other coffee essentials you might consider adding to your display are scoops, to-go cups, stirrers, and straws. To gain some inspiration on popular coffee ingredients and gadgets, check out some of our favorite resources below. 

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Personalize Your Coffee Bar

When you DIY a coffee bar in your home, the finishing touch should always be to personalize it and make it your own. There are so many ways to make it stand out in your home and become a statement décor piece that is unique to you and your home. You could display your coffee and flavoring choices on a chalkboard menu for when guests come to visit. Another idea is to purchase a mug rack or holder that displays some of your favorite mugs you have collected throughout the years. However you choose to personalize the coffee bar, make sure it will be an area that you enjoy going to every day to pour your morning coffee.