Install a Fence

Having a fence can allow you and your pup a little less stress. Your dog can run free without having a stray dog or cat venture into the yard. You will feel better knowing that your dog cannot wander outside your yard. Make sure you do not neglect your fence, always continue to check for gaps and damaged areas. If your dog is a digger, make sure to check for any open spots they could fit through.

Create Shade 

You should keep your yard cool, shady spots and dog houses help with those warm days. Make sure to keep your dog bowl in the shade. Check out this article for 16 Free DIY Dog House Plans.

Install a Water Feature

Keeping your furry friend hydrated is VERY important, especially on a hot day. Water features not only add a beautiful element to your yard, but they also can keep your dog hydrated and happy with endless hours of entertainment.  Make sure to place your water feature in the shade. If you cannot get a water feature, consider a sprinkler!

Take Care of Your Lawn

When it comes to chemicals and fertilizers, consider a pet-safe lawn care service or product. Choosing organic methods may help too. You will want to keep your lawn care items neat, keep your rakes, shovels or sharp objects in your shed, so your pet doesn’t hurt themselves. Remember to pick up sticks around your yard as well. Cocoa bean mulch is not good for your dogs. Make sure to research your trees and plants before planting them. Did you know Aloe Vera and Philodendron are VERY dangerous for dogs? Check out this website on which plants are harmful for dogs. Don’t forget to use flea and tick protection for your pups just incase! Chamomile and lavender calm a dog who sniffs the plants. Dogs can also eat the plants and get the same effect.

Think Like Your Dog

  • Does your dog love to dig? Why not put a designated digging area – use a sand box!
  • Male puppy? Add a stump or large rock so he can lift his leg somewhere!
  • Dogs need exercise, if your yard is large enough, consider an obstacle course! Chewy has a 6-piece agility kit.
  • If your pup is constantly taking the same path and wearing down your grass, make a path for them with stone.
  • If your dog is a noisy neighbor, put a little peep hole in the fence for him.