Living in upstate New York, we prepare ourselves every year for a few storm storms. Sometimes, the storms can even last days. Low temperatures can bring freezing rain and ice, we want to be prepared if this happens. Be sure to check the forecast, conditions can change quickly.

Before the storm hits:

  • Stock up on supplies
    • Shovels, Gas for your snow blower and salt for the driveway
    • Extra clothing, blankets and boots
    • A first aid kit – include perishables and water bottles
    • Flashlights, candles, batteries and matches
    • Extra food and water for your animals
    • Wood for your fire place
    • Fuel for your generator
    • Charge external batteries for your cell phone
  • Winterize your vehicle – make sure to have snow tires or chains on your vehicle – stock up your car with emergency items
  • Make sure pipes are insulated and keep water flowing to prevent freezing
  • Check windows and doors for drafts, and use caulk and weather stripping to keep out the cold air.
  • Check on your neighbors to see if you can help with anything
  • Have an emergency plan

Things to do during and after a storm:

  • If you have children here is a great article on things to do with the kids
  • Shovel – make sure to keep the driveway clear and ready to leave incase of emergency
  • Salt your driveway and front steps
  • Check your roof to make sure there is no ice buildup
  • Stay off the roads
  • Keep the pets indoor

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