Quick Delivery homes, AKA Spec Homes, are a wonderful new construction option for the right buyer. Because upgrades and options are set by the builder in these types of homes, there’s no room for customization pre-construction.

So is a Spec Home the right choice for you and your family, then? Well, let’s consider some important factors.

First of all, are you building a new construction home for the energy savings and convenience of a new home or are you building in order to customize the layout and contents featured in this home? If you’re in the latter group and are looking to specifically dictate the design and feel of each room in color and material selection, than a Spec Home probably isn’t the right choice for you.

However, for those who are more flexible in their preferences of cabinets, countertops and other superficial qualities, Spec Homes could provide a very satisfying aesthetic! While Quick Delivery Homes from other companies may come pre-furbished with cost-effective options that are also low-end and not as visually appealing, we don’t believe in cutting corners to our customer’s detriment. Rest-assured that all of our Spec Home options and upgrades are based off the colors, patterns and quality products that have satisfied many of our other customers.

Because our Spec Homes come with pre-selected options, you wind up saving both time and a considerable amount of money! Since typical new construction homes begin at a base price, which increases with options and other upgrades, most buyers wind up spending a considerable amount more than anticipated. However, if you’re looking for new construction without any hidden or extra fees, than Spec Homes are for you!

The price you see is the house that will be built. No upgrades, no nit-picking, no surprise costs. Just one easy-to-understand price that you can use to confidently estimate your monthly payments against.

The final element when deciding whether a Spec Home is right for you and your family, is time. For those looking to move into their brand new home on a tighter schedule than most, Spec Homes are a fantastic choice. From start to finish we can have you in your brand new abode within four to six months! So for those really hoping to be in before school starts or maybe even before the holidays are in full-swing, we can make it happen.

For the right buyer, Spec Homes are an incredible opportunity for luxury without all of the hassle. So if you’re looking for a well-built, accurately-priced beautiful home you can move into months sooner than other new construction, give Heritage Custom Builders a call today.

We have you future home waiting for you.