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Moving from an apartment to your first home can be overwhelming but very exciting! While you are packing here are a few tips to remember.

  • Make a Packing List – write out a packing list of what is in each box, along with the room it belongs in. If you’d like a paperless way of keeping organized, Duck makes app-based tracking labels now – just scan the label, jot down everything that’s in that box and put the sticker on the box! Voilà – easy and efficient.

New Duck Pack & Track™ App-Based Labeling, Storage and Locating System Makes the Moving and Storage Process Easier than Ever Before

  • While packing – make sure to make two piles, one for tossing and one for donating. If you haven’t used the item in over a year consider moving it to one of the piles. If you are getting rid of big items like furniture make sure to make arrangements for pickup.
  • Don’t Procrastinate! A lot of people wait till the last second and then throw everything together, making it very difficult to unpack.
  • Try to eat up everything in the house rather than buying more food. Try looking on pinterest for different recipes to use the items in your fridge, pantry, and freezer. Try not to move with food – it can be a real hassle. Donate anything that is perishable.
  • If possible – choose a room in the apartment to place your already packed boxes so they aren’t in the way.
  • Take photos of the back of your TV, computer or other electronics so you know where the cords belong!
  • Pack an essential’s bag and put it near your bedroom items. Make sure to have all important documents, keys, basic toiletries with toilet paper, medications, and any pet/children items that may be needed!

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