Patriotic home décor has been increasingly popular over the past few years. Whether you are looking to decorate your home for Memorial Day, 4th of July, or you simply want to have a more patriotic aesthetic there are plenty of ways to implement Red, White, and Blue into your home. Here are some of our favorite patriotic home design trends to help you get started with your decorating. 

patriotic home decor pillows on patio chairs


The entryway of your home is often where visiting guests make their first impression of your place. It is a statement area which calls for it to be decorated nicely. Adding a wreath that features colors of red, white, and blue can add a pop of flare to your doorway. If you want a different option other than a wreath, you can opt for a door sign instead. There are many patriotic designs for door signs nowadays that you have your fair share to pick from. You can also try adding a fun doormat to your entryway. Find one that has patriotic colors in it or a patriotic saying to tie in with your aesthetic. 

Flower Arrangements or Centerpieces

If you don’t want to overwhelm the interior of your home with patriotic colors, you can still add a few accent pieces throughout your simpler décor. Try adding floral arrangements with reds and blues on a few tables for a pop of color. Or if you want another option, you can grab some vases or glass containers and fill them with beads, marbles, or any other vase fillers you can find with patriotic colors mixed in. 

Table Décor

The tables in your house are usually a place where everyone in your family gathers or where friends and family come to visit as well. You can add your design flair to your table making it a staple piece for your aesthetic. Look into patriotic colors and designs for placemats, table runners, and tablecloths to add to the tables in your home. 

Patriotic Patio Décor

Some homeowners like to leave the interior of their home with simpler décor, so the patio or deck is the place to experiment with new design trends and colors. You can add some flair to your patio or deck with fun string lights, throw pillows, outdoor rugs, and patio set cushions. There are also so many options to choose from for accent décor including statement pieces, signs, and wall art at any local home décor store.