finished neutral modren bathroom after picking out paint colors for bathroom

Painting your home, whether you hire a professional to do it or you do it yourself, can be a daunting task. Especially when it comes to picking out paint colors. When it comes to picking out paint colors for your bathroom, it can be especially difficult to find the perfect fit. Turning a typical bathroom into a peaceful oasis requires finding the right color for the room’s transformation. Before you start painting, here are some of our favorite tips for picking out paint colors for your bathroom. 

Test your Lighting

When you are picking out paint colors for your bathroom, be sure to consider different lighting. The same paint color can look very different in a room depending on if there is a window or not. A great tip is to bring a paint swatch of the colors you are considering home and hold it up against the lighting in your bathroom to see how it will look. 

Consider your Overall Scheme

Not only is lighting important when picking out paint colors for your bathroom, but you should also consider other elements of the room like flooring and the color of your vanity or other furniture. Unless you are buying new furniture and new flooring too, it’s important that whatever paint color you pick compliments everything else that’s already there. 

Pair Brights with Neutrals

Painting with neutrals is always a safe bet, especially when painting a bathroom. You can always stick to pairing whites, greys, and tans to create a simple and traditional peaceful bathroom. However, if you decide to be playful and add a pop of color, pairing a more bold and vibrant color with neutrals as the base can make for an exciting color combination. 

Use the Color Wheel

If you get stuck when picking out a paint color for your bathroom, you can always rely on the color wheel to help you decide. Choose analogous colors, which are colors next to each other on the color wheel. Or, you can pick complimentary colors instead. These are colors that are across from each other on opposite ends of the color wheel.  

If after reading these tips, you still aren’t sure which color to paint your bathroom, try looking up ideas on Pinterest or in Interior Design magazines. You can always reach out to the professionals at local hardware stores as well, they are highly skilled in helping homeowners and can assist you with picking out paint colors for your bathroom.