Cooler temperatures and chilly nights are approaching quickly, that gives you an indication that its time to start preparing your home for fall. You do not want to be caught unprepared – make sure to follow some of these tips to make sure your house is ready for fall!

  1. Remove your air conditioners
    • It’s time, the nights are getting chilly and you do not want that extra cold air entering your home.
  2. Check your batteries in the house
    • Change and test your thermostat, carbon monoxide and smoke alarms.
  3. Clean furnace, boiler heating coils or radiators.
    • While cleaning, also check your furnace’s air filters, stock up for future months.
  4. Check dryer vents
    • That excess lint may get stuck inside the hose.
  5. Check for drafts
    • Put your hand up to door frames and window frames to see if any cold air is leaking in. If it is, check out this article for tips on how to help with a draft in your windows
  6. Check your roof
    • Look for any leaks or cracks, its best to catch them before the snow starts falling.
  7. Do exterior maintenance on your lawn
  8. Wash your windows and siding
    • Pick up a pressure washer for the siding, while your at it, make sure there are no holes or cracks.
  9. Turn off out door hose.
    • You do not want the water to build up and burst come spring time.
  10. Remove screen doors and store them for the winter.
    • Make sure to take care of the drafts.
  11. Get your winter equipment ready
    • Snow blower, shovels, and snow machines!
  12. Stock up on fuel for your snow blower or generator, just incase we get a big snow storm.