Imagine waking up on a cold winter morning after a heavy storm and admiring the whimsically coated trees, lights twinkling beneath the snowflakes, and your driveway that is completely clear of snow.

What was once every homeowner’s fantasy is now a reality with the advent of heated driveway systems!

It’s actually a fairly simple technology whose roots have been around for centuries: radiant heating. Most homeowners are familiar with the term when it comes to flooring within the home but many are unaware that the same technology can be utilized for outdoor spaces, as well.

Heated Driveways come in two forms: Electric or Hydronic. With electric systems, electronic heating pads are installed beneath the black-top; a cheaper option initially. For Hydronic, water tubes are run beneath the blacktop providing a circulation of warm water and antifreeze that prevents ice and snow buildup. While the upfront cost of the Hydronic is quite a bit more, it is cheaper to run on a monthly basis than its electric counterpart. Both are very effective at keeping driveways snow-free so it’s simple a matter of economics for the homeowner!

Heated driveway systems  can also be installed right beneath existing driveways as long as there are no large impediments such as bedrock or thick tree roots. The only downside to this process is that most installers typically won’t provide customers with the same warranties as those who lay down a brand-new driveway. Due to this, many homeowners opt to rip out an existing driveway and replace it in conjunction with the installation of a heated driveway system. This, however, can be quite an expensive endeavor.

This is why heated driveways are the perfect choice for consumers in the process of building a brand-new-home! You’ll not only save on the cost of removing and replacing a driveway but you’ll also reap the benefits of the system’s warranty.

In addition, because your driveway will not be exposed to the harsh conditions of winter to the extent of other’s, you’ll get years more life out of it; saving a considerable amount of money in the long run!