We’ve taken you all through a literary tour of several of our gorgeous two-story homes, so today we decided it was time to discuss Ranches!

If single-floor homes are your preference then look no further than the gorgeous Mango. Currently we three of these beautiful homes ready to be purchased in our lovely Heritage Springs community.

When many people think of Ranches they imagine red brick and smaller square footage. Here at Heritage Custom Builders we threw that formula out in favor of a gorgeous modern makeover for the outside of the home, complete with updated colors and complimentary matching natural stone accents.

Step inside the home and be blown away at the whopping 2560 sq ft of space within this home. Unlike most open floor plan homes, the Mango features both an extensive great room in addition to a sizable dining room, which is meticulously placed next to foyer creating a beautiful focal point upon entering through the main entrance. On the opposite side lies the main living room, which offers a cozy and private setting for family members to unwind.

Enter into the great room; an area flooded with natural light thanks to numerous large windows. Home-buyers have absolute discretion when it comes to laying out this beautiful area, allowing them to arrange the space perfectly to accommodate their lifestyle and their preferences.

The layout is nothing short of genius, as the living quarters are perfectly separated from the main area, which seems nearly limitless as one continues to explore. As always, function has been carefully considered when designing the Mango, along with convenience and courtesy to those who will eventually dwell within. The smallest details, such as closets separating bedroom walls for maximum privacy allowance, has been taken into consideration.

With 2.5 bathrooms in this gorgeous home – all in close proximity to the bedrooms – it nearly feels as though each individual room has been granted the luxury of its own en-suite. Speaking of en-suites, the Mango’s has everything! Dual sinks, soaking tub and a sizable walk-in shower are practically overshadowed by the large walk-in closet that is conveniently located within, so as not to subtract space from the master bedroom itself.

The Mango is the antithesis of Ranch stereotypes being cookie cutter, tiny and boring. It is nothing short of a masterpiece in the world of one-story homes, perfect for smaller families, couples and individuals alike!

These home are sure to be scooped up quickly, so don’t hesitate and call today to schedule your own tour of this stunning home!

Heritage Custom Home Builders. New Construction Homes in Clifton Park, NY and Saratoga County, NY.
Heritage Custom Home Builders. New Construction Homes in Clifton Park, NY and Saratoga County, NY.