green sofa with summer home décor in living room

Summer is one of the best times of year to be playful with your home décor. The season brings more opportunities for design with warmer tones, bright colors, and natural elements. If you are looking to change your home’s look this season, check out our top summer home décor trends. 

Add Stone Materials

Using stone or stone-looking materials in your home is a rising trend this summer. The reason for this increased trend is the expansion and diversity of the industry. Designers were limited in years past with how well they could mimic the properties of stone. Now there are so many realistic man-made options to choose from. People are adding stone elements to their summer home décor through furniture, accent pieces, and even through small décor enhancements like coasters. 

Bring the Outdoors In

Another summer home décor trend we are seeing this year is blending indoor and outdoor spaces. Blurring the lines between an outdoor patio and indoor living room can be done by adding green hues to paint and furnishings, adding real or faux plants to the space, and implementing outdoor materials like wicker and rattan. Indoors, bringing more natural elements can increase feelings of tranquility and freshness.  

Get Metallic

Another popular summer home décor trend is adding metallic design elements. Metallic elements include bronze, copper, gold, and rose gold. You can implement metallic properties in décor pieces like candle holders, picture frames, accent pieces, and serve ware. If you are feeling crafty, you can even try your hand at a DIY project. Grab metallic spray paint from your local craft or hardware store and upscale some older décor pieces and give them a shine.  

Dress Up Your Windows

A great way to add something a little extra to your home aesthetic is by dressing up your windows. Window treatments like curtains, blinds, and drapes can add to your design and give you the flexibility to easily change out your desired look whenever you want. Play around with different patterns, colors, and textures to fit your desired summer aesthetic.