young woman shopping at small businesses in Saratoga County

Supporting small businesses in the local area is an effort, that as a community, we should be trying to do more frequently. Small Business Saturday is recognized as the Saturday after Thanksgiving every year. This day was established to honor small local businesses and to encourage people to shop at the businesses in their community rather than spending their money with bigger corporations. While this day stands out to encourage people once a year, it’s important to remember to make an effort to shop local more frequently. There are so many small businesses in Saratoga County to choose from when looking for a place to support and shop. Here are 5 reasons why you should support small businesses in Saratoga County.  

Support the Dreams of your Neighbors

It takes a lot of courage, intelligence, and hard work to make a small business successful. Owners of small businesses work hard and it is apparent in their work. The money they earn goes to paying employees, putting food on their tables, and often helping the community 

Local Businesses Care About the Community  

You will often see the local small businesses in Saratoga County participating in their community. They participate by getting involved in charities, fundraisers, and attending events to get to know their community and customers better. 

Increased Tourism to Saratoga County

By supporting small businesses in Saratoga County you are increasing their success. When a community is filled with unique and successful small businesses, it attracts new people to your area. When they visit, they spend money within the community, stimulating the local economy.  

Small Businesses Often Have a Smaller Carbon Footprint

When a community has multiple small businesses close together, it makes the area more walkable. This helps to decrease emissions from automobile use, air pollution, and water pollution. For example, there are quite a few concentrated areas that are full of small businesses in Saratoga County like downtown Saratoga, Ballston Spa, and Malta.  

Personalized Customer Service

Last but not least, with a local small business, you are typically receiving quality customer service. Not only are the owners and employees usually friendly and welcoming, they are usually people you know within the community as well. They build their business based on relationships, so they are always trying to make your experience a positive one to encourage you to come back. They do this by getting to know your name, learning your likes/dislikes, and engaging in small talk when you come in.