young woman supporting small businesses in saratoga county shopping for clothes through racks

Small Business Saturday will be observed on Saturday November 26th this year. This is a holiday to appreciate the small businesses in your community and show your support by making purchases from their business, rather than a chain store. According to the Small Business Administration, there are 32.5 million small businesses within the United States. This accounts for 99.9% of all US businesses. Since they account for so much of the country’s economy and business, it’s extremely important to support them not only on Small Business Saturday, but every day. If you are thinking about supporting small businesses in Saratoga County, here are some other reasons why it’s so important to support local. 

Receive Excellent Customer Service

Most small business owners are appreciative of their customers and the relationships that they build with them. They know that without their loyal customers their business would not be successful. Repeat business and referrals to other customers are what keep their businesses thriving. Because of this, small business owners treat their customers with extra respect and friendly customer service.  

Benefits the Community

By supporting small businesses in Saratoga County, you also support your local community and it’s economy. When you spend your money within your community, it gets put back into the local economy instead of being distributed to big corporate companies. This helps small businesses become more successful and keeps your community thriving economically. Small business owners are typically involved in their communities too. This means participating in events, supporting other businesses, and even donating to fundraisers to support community members or local organizations.  

Creates Jobs

When supporting small business in Saratoga County you are also helping to create more jobs within your community. The more successful that a small business becomes, thanks to your loyal spending, the more they can grow their business. Growing their business means hiring more positions and usually offering them higher wages and better benefits than most chain businesses do. 

Promotes Sustainability

When you support local businesses, you are also helping to promote a more sustainable community. Many local small businesses are placed in booming areas of town that are close together and very walkable. When most businesses are walkable, it leads to less gas fuel emissions, air, and water pollution. Most small business owners also view sustainability of utmost importance. Which means they feel passionate about implementing sustainable practices within their stores including supplies, products they sell, ingredients, etc. 

Are you supporting small businesses in Saratoga County this holiday season?

Here are some local businesses to check out!