With the 2020-2021 fast approaching, it has every parent wondering, what now? Most school districts are giving the option for in-person/ hybrid instruction and fully virtual schooling.

The BH-BL Central School District and the Shenendehowa Central School District are delaying their traditional first day of school until Monday, Sept. 14 for both in-person/ hybrid and fully virtual schooling.

Below are tips to help parents prepare for the upcoming school year.

Reduce Distractions

Learning virtually can make it hard to focus. Consider setting up a quiet, clutter-free space within the home that is comfortable for your child. It might also be a good idea to limit the use of devices until schoolwork is done.

Provide Positive Feedback

Learning from home can be difficult. Remember to provide your child with positive feedback and reassurance. Think about building a reward system to help maintain motivation and keep your child on task. Awards can range from allowing your child with extra tablet time or giving them a sweet treat.

Socialize and Help Your Children Stay in Touch with Friends

Allowing your children to interact with friends online might mitigate the effects of being socially distanced. Implementing social interactions into the daily routine, will keep your child happier and keeps them connected.

Remember Time Management 

Try to build structure and consistency for your child. This includes setting times for meals, schoolwork, socialization, and other activities. Getting your child on the same schedule they would have if going to school in-person, will allow for them to be more engaged and focused during the morning.

Also, try to maintain a planner to keep track of all school activities and homework. This serves as a visual checklist to help your child stay focused. You can also reward your child with rewards/ positive feedback for completing certain tasks on the agenda.