It’s hot out! Which means both you and your pet need to take extra precaution to stay cool!

  1. Keep Them Out of Parked Cars 

    First and foremost, keeping a pet in a locked car with the windows up is not cool. If you have to run errands or go somewhere please plan ahead for the safety your furry, feathered or four-legged friend.  Even on a 70-degree day, car temperatures can rise to more than 100 degrees.

  2. Limit Outdoor Playtime and Walks 

    Proceed with caution what time of day you take your pooch out or let your cat roam the backyard as temperatures can peak in the afternoon. If your pet wants to go out monitor them closely and make sure they don’t show any signs of heat stroke or exhaustion.

  3. Splash Time! 

    Take your dog to a water park, lake, ocean or wherever there is water and pets are allowed. Most dogs love taking a dip with their humans, bringing some tennis balls to throw can help enhance the experience for both of you! 

    No pool or open water to swim in? No problem! Simply running the sprinkler or hose can provide a fun, easy and cheap way to help your pets enjoy the summer heat. 

  4. Lay Down Some Wet Towels 

    Soaking some towels or placing an ice pack between a folded towel can provide some relief for your pet. Making sure your pet is comfortable during the hottest time of the year is crucial to their well being. Always keep an eye out for signs of heat stroke.