New neighbors? House’s are flying off the market lately, so you may noticed that for sale sign next door suddenly say SOLD! There’s nothing better than feeling welcomed into a new neighborhood! Here are a few ways to welcome your new neighbors.

Introduce yourself

Be friendly –  ask what brought them to the neighborhood and if they have any children or pets.

Leave a card

If you aren’t sure if your neighbors are ready for visitors, leave a handwritten card on their porch welcoming them! Mention they can stop by when they are ready.

Offer to help unload the truck

If you see your neighbors moving their boxes into the house, offer to help with the big items. Ask a few of your other neighbors if they want to help as well. Its a fun way to introduce yourself while offering a friendly service.

Have a small gathering

When the neighbors get settled, why not host a bon fire or a small dinner party to help the new neighbors get to know everyone.

Put together a list of your favorite

List your local favorites, things you like to do, see and eat! Here is a printable to fill out!

Put together a gift basket with local items

In the basket include items that your town is known for, different baked goods, (make sure to take food allergies into consideration) your favorite take out menu’s with circles around your favorite foods, wine, coffee, soaps and maybe even hand sanitizer! Tip: If they have dogs or cats – get treats for their furry friends!

Seasonal Items

Depending on what season your neighbors move in, you can customize a welcome gift.

Spring – Fresh Flowers, Summer – Fruits & Veggies from your garden, Fall – Pumpkins & Mum’s and for Winter – Peppermint bark & Hot Cocoa