If you’re looking for a home builder in the Capital Region, you will come across lots of options. From neighborhood developers to those who specialize in custom home building, there are dozens of builders in our area vying for your business.

Wondering how to narrow down your options and ultimately choose the builder that’s right for you? Here are 7 of the most important qualities to look for in a home contractor.

Characteristics of a Superior Home Contractor

1. Experience

Obviously, one of the first things you should investigate about a contractor is their experience. You want a builder who has a reputation for success and happy customers willing to vouch for the quality of their work. Check references and research diligently to make sure the builder you’ve found has experience doing the same type of project or build you’ll be asking for.

2. Good Communication Skills

Communication skills are an absolute must when it comes to contractors. Your contractor will need to communicate well with you, as well as with subcontractors, those providing equipment and materials, and all others involved in the project along the way. If you struggle to get in touch with the contractor right off the bat, that’s typically not a good sign.

3. Integrity

Look for a contractor who will stand behind their work, won’t overcharge you, and will handle situations that come up along the way responsibly and reasonably. It can be tough to determine this before you’re working with a contractor, but asking references and other people who have worked with the contractor you’re considering is a good way to get an idea of what to expect from an integrity standpoint.

4. Cooperation

Cooperation is key to a successful contracting project, whether you’re redoing one room or building an entire custom home. Your contractor will need to be able to work well with others on their team, with you, and with any subcontractors that might be involved in tackling certain aspects of your build. If the contractor you’re considering has a reputation for being cooperative and collaborative, you’re on the right track.

5. Flexibility

Unexpected things often come up during the homebuilding process, especially when you’re building a custom home. Delays and obstacles are often inevitable. Contractors need to be willing to be flexible about how things are done and when they are done to a certain extent, especially when unexpected circumstances arise. They should be able to adjust their plan accordingly, and ideally make an effort to be accommodating whenever possible.

6. Appropriate Licensing

This may seem obvious, but it’s absolutely worth mentioning. Any contractor you are considering should be appropriately licensed and fully insured. This ensures that the contractor meets important safety and building standards in your area, and also indicates that they are a legitimate and established contractor.

7. Humility

A good contractor knows when they made a mistake and they are willing to be held accountable for their actions. They can take the blame when things go wrong, and are humble leaders who are unwilling to throw others under the bus. They’re ultimately focused on making you – the home buyer – happy.

Work With a Home Contractor You Can Trust

At Heritage Custom Builders, we work hard to embody all of these positive characteristics – and others. We strive to set ourselves apart from our competitors and work hard each day to surpass our clients’ expectations.

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