Turkey Day is almost here and with it comes a whole lot of preparation for the big feast! To make it as enjoyable as possible we have put together a list of our top 10 suggestions for hosting Thanksgiving.

  1. Grocery Shop Early

    Anyone who has had to do some last-minute shopping at their local market knows how crowded and hectic they can be as everyone scrambles to grab those last few ingredients. Worst off even is when you fight through the crowds only to discover that everyone is sold out of your desired item!

    Plan early; a week or so in advance if at all possible. With shop-from-home options you can even make a list and have your order ready to pick up on your way home from work!

    Even better, many supermarkets offer a free turkey if you reach a specific spending limit! So, gather those coupons now and beat the holiday rush.

  2. Don’t Overcook

    Between Food Network and Pinterest taunting us with pictures and videos of so many delicious looking dishes, it can be easy to over-burden ourselves by preparing far too much food for the amount of people we plan to feed.

    Instead, consider your favorites and try to stick to those.

  3. Delegate Dishes

    Just because you’re hosting doesn’t mean you have to shoulder the responsibility of preparing everything. Ask family members to cook, bring the dessert, beverages or even something as small as ice.

    Not only will this lessen your burden but it’s a wonderful way to make it a true family dinner!

  4. Skip the China

    Fancy plates and platters look beautiful, there’s no doubt about that. But they also create twice the mess.

    Plastic and paper options have made huge leaps both in decorative appeal and sturdiness so consider a throw-away option to save time and energy!

  5. Set the Table the Night Before

    Preparing as much as possible the night prior to Thanksgiving doesn’t just apply to cooking. Remove one more item from your to-do list by getting your table settings ready the night before.

    Not only will this same you time and energy on Thanksgiving itself, but it can also be a great way to involve young children and other family members in the preparation, building excitement for the day to come!

  6. Decorate the table

    Appropriate mostly for those who choose to serve buffet style, decorating the table is a fun way to add a little extra beauty to your Thanksgiving dinner!

    Go all out with centerpieces, pumpkins, gourds and dried-corn or simply scatter some fake leaves and add a bit of candlelight.

  7. Eat Earlier

    To avoid being exhausted late into the night washing dishes, cleaning up and having little energy left to really enjoy your company, opt for eating earlier in the day. This way you’ll have plenty of time (and motivation) for fun, family and friends.

  8. Prepare Take Home Containers

    With the traditional spread of so many varied dishes there is bound to be a plentiful quantity of leftovers.

    Rather than wonder how you’re ever going to finish all that food, grab some simple take-home containers from your local store or even ask people to bring their own!

  9. Play Some Games

    The copious amounts of food and drink may be the highlight of Thanksgiving for many, but it’s also a wonderful opportunity to spend some extra quality time with family and friends.

    Instead of hopping right to the couch after dinner, break out the board games and share some laughs and fun with your loved ones!

  10. Relax

    Congratulations! Another successful Thanksgiving dinner has come and gone, which now means one thing: it’s time to relax!

    So put on your favorite pajamas, sit around with your loved ones and enjoy some down-time.