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HCB Amenities Feature – Tray Ceilings

2019-11-22T14:40:54-05:00December 6th, 2019|

Looking for a great way to add some intriguing architectural details that will enhance the beauty of any room? Consider adding a Tray Ceiling to your plan! Heritage Custom Builders offers a variety of different designs to compliment the look and feel you desire for any room in your brand new custom home. Below you can see two of our favorite examples, one in a Master Bedroom, another [...]

Picture Update of Timber Creek Phase IV

2019-11-25T13:15:30-05:00December 3rd, 2019|

Construction of Timber Creek Phase IV is well-under way in the beautiful community of Ballston Lake, NY. With one home already complete and purchased, two additional foundations laid down and the majority of the road complete, we are off to a great start! To get a preview of this gorgeous future neighborhood you can enter from either Eastline or Benedict road to scout out the available plots of land, [...]

Cool Smart Gadgets for Your New Home

2019-11-22T14:14:58-05:00November 29th, 2019|

Smart Trashcan If you thought a garbage can that opens and closes at the wave of your hand was cool, how about one that has a built-in vacuum?!This innovate rubbish canister eliminates the hassle of trying to sweet every bit of dirt into a dustpan. Simply sweep the mess over to the can and it’ll suck everything right into the canister! Lights No need to clap-on or off, smart lights [...]

How to Fry a Turkey Without Burning Down Your New House

2019-11-22T11:27:25-05:00November 25th, 2019|

So you just built a brand new home with Heritage Custom Builders and are preparing to host your very first Thanksgiving in your new home. Congratulations on this momentous occasion!Because of all the hype on tv, Pinterest, and that friend of yours who won’t stop bragging, you’ve decided that rather than roast your turkey like all the other peasants, you’re going down the ultimate path of turkey preparation: frying.But before [...]

10 Tips for Hosting a Great Thanksgiving

2019-11-22T10:52:31-05:00November 22nd, 2019|

Turkey Day is almost here and with it comes a whole lot of preparation for the big feast! To make it as enjoyable as possible we have put together a list of our top 10 suggestions for hosting Thanksgiving. Grocery Shop Early Anyone who has had to do some last-minute shopping at their local market knows how crowded and hectic they can be as everyone scrambles to grab those last [...]

Fall Bucket List

2019-11-05T13:21:31-05:00November 5th, 2019|

It’s that time of the year again! Halloween has come and gone, the air is getting cooler and snow is right around the corner. Living in the northeast we face the challenge of cold winters every year, so starting on your required home maintenance sooner than later is for the best. Beyond the usual leave raking and cleaning of gutters, here’s our advice for the most important tasks you should [...]

Four Reasons to Choose a Downstairs Master Bedroom

2019-10-30T16:53:15-04:00October 29th, 2019|

For decades the upstairs master bedroom has been the overwhelming preference when building a new home. However as time goes on the Downstairs Master Bedroom is quickly making a comeback! Let's look at the top four reasons for consumers to choose a Master Bedroom on the first floor rather than the second. Privacy For those with younger children who can’t seem to get enough of you, as well as older [...]

Don’t Prune in the Fall

2019-10-18T11:25:10-04:00October 25th, 2019|

When Leaves Start to Fall Come Fall, many homeowners begin their yearly bucket list of Autumn maintenance on their houses and property. From raking leaves to cleaning gutters there is a vast assortment of duties required to keep a home in prime condition; especially before the extreme cold of winter sets in. One common mistake most homeowners make, however, is pruning their foliage during this time. [...]

Home Plans for Timber Creek Phase 4

2019-10-17T13:22:21-04:00October 22nd, 2019|

Nearly two weeks ago we excitedly announced the opening of our fourth phase of Timber Creek Preserve; a gorgeous housing development in Ballston Spa located amidst all the natural beauty that Saratoga has to offer. This visual preview details all of the exquisite homes available to build in this fourth phase of Timber Creek, along with square footage and PDF downloads of the floorplans. If you have further [...]

Cooking With Pumpkin Pulp

2019-10-21T09:31:03-04:00October 19th, 2019|

Recycle Your Pumpkin Pulp So, you’ve carved a perfect pumpkin, but now you’re left with a bowl full of seeds tangled with innards, mush, pulp, or whatever you like to call it in your home. Time to throw it out, right? Now most of us know that your can clean and roast the seeds for a delicious snack, but the pulp is largely thought of as inedible [...]