Fall season is upon us and it may be time to give your home a design refresh. Are you the type of homeowner that goes around your home simply placing pumpkins on shelves and calling it a day? If you need help creating a fall aesthetic for your home that will look like the pros designed it, use some of these 2022 fall trends in home design. 

Warm and Earth Tones

One of the most popular 2022 fall trends in home design is implementing warm and earthy tones into your home décor. Warm and earthy tones are usually categorized as any natural green tones or tans, browns, and neutrals. These colors can be added to your home décor by painting the walls in your home, adding statement pieces, faux plants, or picking out furniture/window dressings that contain these color tones. If you are trying to achieve a minimalist and comfortable fall aesthetic that doesn’t require too much effort, adding these tones will do the trick to transform your space for the season. 

Vintage Finds

It’s easy to go to your local party store and stock up on cheesy and fun Halloween or Fall décor. But how cool would it be to use old vintage finds to add some spookiness into your space? If you take a trip to any nearby antique stores, you can probably find an old bird cage, old picture frames, and other décor to set up a creepy display. 

Cozy Elements

One of the best parts about the fall season is feeling cozy. So, it’s no surprise that one of the 2022 fall trends in home design is adding cozy elements to your space. Cozy elements can be comfy blankets and pillows, fall scented candles, or a soft area rug to keep your feet warm. There are plenty of other ways you can make your home cozy like playing with softer, warmer lighting and more. 

Dried Florals

After the leaves outside change during the fall months, unfortunately the greenery and plant life begins to wilt and die leading into the winter. However, dried flowers and greenery that have wilted and turned tan or brown, make really beautiful décor for your home. Dried florals have become one of the more popular 2022 fall trends in home design for homeowners. They either purchase faux dried flowers from local décor stores or if they are feeling creative they can dry the florals out themselves and turn it into décor.