children laughing and playing in clean and maintained swimming pool

Many homeowners have a swimming pool at the top of their wish list when looking to buy or build a new home. Owning a pool means relaxing summer days by the water, a great activity for hosting events, and can even be a method of exercise for some. While owning a pool comes with a lot of benefits as a homeowner, it also requires a ton of upkeep and maintenance. To keep your pool running efficiently and making sure it is hygienic for all swimmers, it takes a lot of weekly and even daily work. Here are some pool maintenance tips for homeowners to keep your pool sparkling and safe! 

  1. Check Water Quality & Chemical Levels

One of the most important pool maintenance tips is to check the water quality and chemical levels very often to make sure they are accurate. It is recommended to check them at least once a week during the summer months. Pools may vary in their requirements depending on their size and type of pool. The CDC recommends the following for healthy water quality and chemical levels. 

  • Cyanuric Acid: 30-50  
  • Acidity/Alkalinity: 7.5-7.8  
  • Total Alkalinity: 60-120
  • Calcium Hardness –  220-350

To check your water quality and chemical levels, they sell testing kits online or at your local pool store. You simply fill the kit with a sample from your pool water. After a few minutes, your sample will change to a color determining the status of your water quality. Then, using the kit’s suggestions for improvement, adjust your pool water, as necessary.  


pool maintenance supplies and chemicals

  1. Keep Your Filter Clean

Keeping your swimming pools filter clean is an essential part of pool maintenance. It is recommended to fully clean your filter every 3-6 months at least. If you experience heavy rainfall or frequent storms, you should check it a little more frequently, removing any debris, and making sure it is functioning properly. 

  1. Skim & Clean Frequently

Another tedious, but very necessary pool maintenance task, is skimming your pool. Skimming helps to remove bugs, leaves, and other debris off the top of the pool water to maintain its appearance and cleanliness. Skimming ideally should be done every day to maintain the best quality and appearance possible. You should also clean the inside of the pool walls and the pool floor weekly to prevent buildup. You can do this by using a pool scrub brush or you can look into purchasing an automatic pool vacuum to lessen the work you have to do yourself.