Home Builders in Saratoga County, NY planning home design with best home building materials for energy efficiency

When building a home, there are many important decisions to consider. Deciding on a location, a home builder, and a floorplan, is just the beginning of the process. During the planning and design process, you will decide on what home building materials you want your builders to use when designing your home. Nowadays, most homeowners consider energy efficiency to be a major must-have when building or buying a home. Having an energy efficient home can lead to lower utility bills and be better for your family and the environment. Before deciding on what to build your home with, here are 5 best home building materials for energy efficiency. 

  1. Bamboo Plywood

While Bamboo Plywood is not necessarily a home building material that is used in the construction of homes, it is often used for interior decorating. It is widely used for applications such as cabinets and home flooring. Homeowners choose Bamboo Plywood over other home building materials due to it being a renewable and sustainable resource that is non-toxic. It also has a unique and appealing look when mixing with different interior design ideas. 

  1. Cool Roofing

Using Cool Roofing when building a home is a trend that is increasing for homeowners all over the world in recent years. The idea of Cool Roofing is that it uses color theory to reflect sunlight and reduce the amount of heat in your home. This in turn leads to lower temperatures in your home during the hotter months and a decreased need for air conditioning.  

  1. Low-E Windows

Another home building material to consider is Low-E Windows. These windows are popular with homeowners because they block infrared sun rays from entering the home which works to keep the inside of your home cool. Similarly, during the colder winter months the windows help to trap the heat and keep the indoors warm. 

  1. Recycled Steel

Recycled Steel is a popular choice when it comes to home building materials. Recycled Steel is one of the most recycled materials on the planet. Homeowners typically use recycled steel beams in place of wood beams throughout their home because it uses less energy and gives off less CO2 emissions. Recycled Steel is also known to be exceptionally durable which is why it is used frequently in locations that experience high winds, stormy weather, or earthquakes. 

  1. Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation is another popular home building material amongst homeowners. The material does not give off any harmful emissions into the environment. It also helps to trap more conditioned air within your home to reduce overall energy consumption. Another benefit is that it is both waterproof and shrink-proof, making it a durable choice for home building.