woman having small talk with her neighbor through the fence to be a good neighbor

September 28th is recognized as Be a Good Neighbor Day. While we should all strive to be good neighbors all year round, this day is a good reminder for everyone. Whether you live in a townhome community, or your closest neighbor is half a mile away, it’s important to get to know each other and display kindness now more than ever. Not sure how to break the ice or what act of kindness to offer? Here are 6 great ways to be a good neighbor! 

Start with Small Talk

Sometimes in order to break the ice with a new neighbor, all you need is small talk. Simply start up a conversation asking about how they like the area, where they are from, or even suggest some of your favorite places to visit or eat around the neighborhood. They will appreciate the advice, and it will make them more comfortable in a new area. If your neighbors have been living there for a while, small talk is still important. Stopping by for a quick chat over the fence or asking them over for coffee is a nice gesture that they will most likely appreciate. 

Drop off a Home Cooked Meal

Whether your neighbors are new to the neighborhood, or they are old friends, everyone loves a home cooked meal. Dropping off one of your favorites to them shows appreciation and can make for a warm welcome. If your neighbors are older, they will appreciate it as well. They might have a hard time moving around and making dinner for themselves, so providing them with a meal is a great idea. 

Help with Errands and Essentials

Whether your neighbor is an elder or parent with small children, getting around to run errands or shop for essentials might be hard to do. Offering to run errands for them would be an extremely generous gesture. Or, if there’s harsh weather coming up, dropping off some extra essential items they might need can make them feel cared for as well.  

Help with Yard Work

Doing yard work can be annoying, especially for older peoplepeople with health issues, or young parents with a lot on their schedule. By being a nice neighbor and offering to help them out, you could really put a smile on their face. You could even just shovel their sidewalk if it’s close by as a nice gesture. 

Keep Noise Levels Down

No matter who your neighbors are, it’s always important to be considerate of noise levels. This could be the noise of having guests over, loud music, or dogs barking. By being cautious of the noise you’re putting out into the neighborhood and at what time, it shows your fellow neighbors that you respect them and their wishes. 

Be a Responsible Pet Owner

If you have pet’s that are outdoor animals, it’s polite to keep track of where they are and any damage they are causing. If the property lines are blurry between yours and your neighbor’s house, be sure to keep your dog’s on your side when they go to the bathroom. It’s a good idea to be aware of any digging that they do or toys that they throw over to their side as well.