father and son doing household chores together

No matter what your age is, doing household chores is never a fun task. We all dread taking the garbage out, doing the dishes, and vacuuming the carpets, right? As annoying and tedious as our chores are, they are tasks that need to be done to maintain a clean and organized house. So, how do we make them more enjoyable. Whether youre an adult looking for ways to make your household chores enjoyable or you are looking for ideas for your kids, we have you covered! 

Make it a Competition

Everyone loves some friendly competition from time to time. Why not make doing the chores fun for the whole family? Time everyone to see who gets their set of chores done the quickest. Or pick one chore, for example laundry, and then time everyone to see how long it takes them to fold the clothes in the laundry basket.  

Earn Rewards

Children especially love being rewarded for completing tasks. Create a small reward for when each chore is completed or one bigger reward when all of the chores are completed. Popular rewards for children are stickers, small toys, and bigger toys for the larger rewards. You can always motivate the kids with a traditional cash allowance reward as well. Rewards don’t have to be just for children either, adults can be rewarded too. Maybe it’s a glass of wine, an hour of self-care, or a new book to make completing your tasks more enjoyable. 

Dance Party

Who doesn’t love a dance party? If you’re not a fan of doing chores, crank up the tunes, and have some fun completing your tasks while dancing it out. It’s a great way to get the whole family involved in the chores and be goofy while doing them. 

Turn your Chores into a Workout

Most people don’t realize how many calories they burn while cleaning the house, especially if you are doing a lot of chores all at once. Make chores more beneficial by turning them into a workout as well. Put on a fitness watch or tracker and sweep, mop, or vacuum the calories away. Once you’re complete, you’ll be happy to have a clean house and have gotten an awesome workout in. 

Listen to an Audio Book or Podcast

Do you love audio books or podcasts? Cleaning is a great time to listen to them! You can enjoy your favorite show or story while still getting the house in shape. Listen through a household speaker or get a pair of wireless headphones if you don’t want to disturb other family members.  

Make a Chart

Making a chart for your household chores can be beneficial for the whole family. Splitting up the tasks for each person and switching up what they need to complete each week can help minimize the burden of completing them. You can also keep it fair and make it fun by making the chart into a wheel, where you get to spin for your designated chore.