When tackling home organization, many homeowners forget about or avoid the garage. The garage is usually where most unused clutter or items we don’t use often piles up and gets messy. While taking the initiative to start organizing the garage may seem like a daunting task, it can be rather easy and very rewarding after it’s complete. Follow along with our 8 Steps to an organized garage below and start maximizing the benefits of owning one today! 

1. Set Aside Time 

The first step in tackling a garage organization project is to make sure you have enough time to complete it. While rather easy, the process of organization can be rather time consuming. Make to schedule an entire day or break the steps into multiple days to allow yourself ample time for a successful finished product. 

2. Gather the Necessary Tools 

Prepare for the project by gathering all necessary tools and storage containers needed to organize. Some common items you may need for cleanup are garbage bags, cleaning sprays, cleaning cloths, and a broom and dustpan. Think about how you will want to store your items as well and make sure to have those containers ready too. Plastic organization tote bins are a common favorite for garage organization. Plan for what you think you will want to build or assemble in the garage once it is cleaned. Then, make sure to gather any tools you will need to make this possible. 

3. Throw Away the Clutter 

When going through the garage, throw away anything you no longer use or need. If it is in good condition consider donating the item, otherwise throw it in the garbage to avoid unnecessary clutter. When deciding if you should throw something away try the tip of asking yourself, “Have you used it in the past year?” If the answer is no, most likely you will not be using it in the future. Some instances are an exception of course. 

4. Get the Garage Organized 

After you have decluttered, start getting organized. Break up your items into categories such as sports, toys, lawn care, tools, pool, cleaning supplies, etc. Grab a pen and paper to start jotting down ideas on how you would like to organize these categories and what containers, or shelving will be needed for storage. 

5. Stack it Up 

A garage is meant to have items stored in it, but it’s important to make sure everything is neat and organized. To maximize your space, stack storage bins and totes on top of one another against walls. If you are worried about reaching items, make sure to have a sturdy stepstool or ladder nearby for easy access. Labels on your containers will help to remember what is in them and eliminate opening all the totes to find one specific item in the future.  

6. Put it On a Shelf 

For items that will be used frequently or ones that will not fit nicely in a storage tote, shelves are a great idea. You can buy standalone shelving units from the store or build your own. Think about how you would like the garage to look along with what functionality you will need from the shelves. Once you have a plan, grab your tools and get to building some shelves. 

7. Take Advantage of Garage Ceiling 

Most people forget about the garage ceiling when organizing the space. Using the ceiling for storage can maximize your space and allow for more options. Try building shelves on the ceiling or hanging items from a rack on the ceiling to get some of your less frequently used items off the ground.  

8. Create Stations in the Garage

Once your garage is clean and organized, consider creating stations in whatever space you have left. This could include a sports station with hooks and peg boards to hang any equipment or bags that are usually laying on the ground. Or you could build a workbench if you do a lot of housework and own a variety of tools. A gardening bench, craft area, or mechanics station are all other ideas of stations you can add into your garage.