Birds are chirping and the sun is shining, which means spring is finally here! One of the best things about spring is the whirlwind of sweet and refreshing scents all around us. Whether it’s the crisp scent of fresh air, a bowl of fruit salad, or a bouquet of lavender there are so many smells making our nostrils flair with excitement. We’ve gathered a few helpful tips and DIY recipes for adding the scent of spring to your home!

Let in Some Fresh Air 

First, you should air out the stuffy and stale air that has been stuck inside the house all winter long. Opening a window or screen door will let fresh air flow throughout the house creating a blank slate for you to start adding scents into your home. 

Woman opening up a window for fresh air scent

Add Plants 

Plants can help provide better air quality and flow to your home. While they may not have a specific scent, they are important to keep the quality of air you are breathing to the best quality possible.  


Woman watering a plant with a watering can

Clean with DIY Cleaning Sprays 

When cleaning your home to use a DIY cleaning spray. Most sprays are made up of essential oils or citrus fruits which give the spray a refreshing scent that quickly fills the house. Give this Homemade Citrus All-Purpose Cleaner a try! 

Woman cleaning a mirror with fresh scent cleaning spray

Gather a Fresh Flower Bouquet 

Each type of flower has its own unique scent. Do some research on the types of scents they give off and buy or build your own custom bouquet to add as a centerpiece in your home.  

Vase of pink and white flowers on a table

Use an Essential Oil Diffuser 

Essential oil’s not only smell great, but they can also have amazing health benefits. Find out which scents you likewhat benefits they can provide you, and add a diffuser in an area of heavy traffic in your home. 

Aroma scent sticks and essential oil bottle in home

Light a Candle 

Candles are everyone’s go-to to make your home smell fresh. Search your local store for new favorite scents and a few that pair well together. You can also try to make your own homemade candles. Here are some tips on candle making for beginners! 

Yellow and pink lit candle with with tulips