backyard spring cleaning to make beautiful landscape

When Spring arrives each year, a time of deep cleaning, reorganizing, and refreshing takes over. When most people think about the term spring cleaning, they think about the inside of their house. However, there are plenty of areas outside that need some attention and care too. When the snow starts to melt, before the flowers begin to bloom, it’s important to take note of the areas in your backyard that may need some sprucing up. Use our backyard spring cleaning guide to get your home and property in tip top shape for the spring and summer season. 

  • Clean and restore any old gardening tools. Purchase any new ones that may be needed for the upcoming season. 
  • Grab your shears and prune any plants or trees that have overgrown or that have dead branches.  
  • Examine your garden beds and landscaping and pull out any weeds. 
  • If you plan to plant any flowers or vegetables, test your soil to see which nutrients or additives it may need for successful growth. 
  • Use a power washer to clean the exterior of your house, garage, or deck. 
  • Wash all exterior doors and windows. 
  • Wipe down or repaint outdoor patio furniture.  
  • Clean up your yard of any sticks, leaves, debris, and dog feces. 
  • When doing backyard spring cleaning, make sure to wear protective clothing and gloves. 
  • Inspect any fencing or outdoor structures like patios, sheds, or gazebos for any damage, rot, or holes.  
  • Clean out your gutters and remove any buildup or debris. 
  • Rinse out your trash and recycling bins to maintain a pleasant odor and appearance in your backyard.  
  • Look around your yard to see what may need a fresh coat of paint. Examples could be your mailbox, or patio furniture.  
  • Check for pests or rodent nests in your yard. 
  • Clean your grill to make sure it is in top condition for the upcoming grilling season. 
  • Replace any lighting outside that may be dim or not working. 
  • Sweep off, pressure wash, or re-stain your deck.