modern bathroom using one of the popular bathroom styles

When buying or building a new home, part of the process is decorating each room to your liking. Your bathroom is no exception to this. Even though it may not be the center focus for your home, you still want your bathroom to look nice, be functional, and be inviting for guests who visit. There are so many ways to decorate your bathroom to achieve this. Here are 6 popular bathroom styles to consider for your home. 

Modern Style

A modern look is one of the most popular bathroom styles for homeowners. A modern style consists of decorating your bathroom with hard, sleek lines that are clean and simple. This allows the eye to focus on the architecture and not be overwhelmed with other décor in the room. With a modern style bathroom, people tend to stick to a basic color palette including white, black, and other light and clean looking shades of neutral colors.  


The traditional style is quite the opposite of modern. This style focuses on providing a feeling of comfort with high-end decorations and attention to detail. Traditional style bathrooms usually feature pieces like a claw-foot or pedestal style bathtub or decorative molding. 


Farmhouse is another one of the trending bathroom styles you can consider for your home. It has become quite popular in recent years. Homeowners use this style to represent simplicity and a welcoming environment. Typically, bathrooms in a farmhouse style use simple and natural color palettes. Elements you may see in a farmhouse bathroom are barn lighting, barn doors, or a claw foot tub. 


The Industrial style is also very common for bathrooms. This is where homeowners decorate with the idea in mind to bring attention to how things work. For example, gears or wheels are common elements you may see incorporated in an industrial bathroom. The color palette used in an industrial bathroom are typically based off material colors such as bronze, copper, metal, and more.  


If you want to choose from one of the more playful bathroom styles, the beach style is a good option for your bathroom. When decorating with a beach style, you use a lot of natural materials and colors that are inspired by the beach including tans for the sand, blues for the sky, and more blues and greens for the sea. The goal is to create a mood that promotes relaxation just as if you were actually at the beach.  

Art Deco

Art Deco is another bathroom style that is popular for homeowners wanting a more extravagant look. This style is inspired by the days of the roaring 20’s. By using a combination of straight lines and geometric shapes, it helps to give the bathroom that extra special touch. The color palette is often made up of white, matte black, and mixtures of rich greens, blues, and gold embellishments.