older woman stretching at home in living room using yoga mat

During the winter months, it can be easy for us to stay stagnant and not move our bodies as often. It’s important to stretch your muscles regularly to maintain flexibility, have a better range of motion, to prevent injuries, and to get our bodies moving. Whether or not you are generally an active person, stretching can be beneficial to everyone no matter your body size, activity level, or age. Here are some exercises to use for stretching at home and equipment that can help maximize the benefits of your stretching. 

This quick 30-minute program designed to help you with stretching and has three levels of stretching routines designed by physical therapists: easy, moderate, and advanced. Choose the program that’s right for you and maintain your body’s flexibility. 

Whether you are a runner or a beginner at stretching, Medical News Today lists the benefits of stretching along with a variety of stretches for different areas of the body. Each stretch is accompanied by a short clip demonstrating how to do the stretch accurately. 

If you are new to adding stretching into your daily routine or struggle with it consistently, getting it out of the way first in the morning is a great option. Use these 10 morning stretched to help give you energy, loosen your muscles, get your body moving, and start your day on a relaxing note. 

Use these home stretching exercises to relieve muscle tension, prepare your muscles for exercise, and to maximize your flexibility. Each stretching exercise is designed to target a different area of the body and has an image diagram to show you how to do the stretch accurately next to it. 

While there are many easy ways to stretch at home without any equipment, sometimes having the right piece of equipment can help maximize the benefits of your stretching. Explore equipment options like foam rollers, massage tools, stretching stations, and more to perform better. 

If you are looking to purchase equipment to help you with stretching, check out 10 of the best recommended pieces of stretching equipment for home training here.