1. Smart Trashcan

    If you thought a garbage can that opens and closes at the wave of your hand was cool, how about one that has a built-in vacuum?!

    This innovate rubbish canister eliminates the hassle of trying to sweet every bit of dirt into a dustpan. Simply sweep the mess over to the can and it’ll suck everything right into the canister!

  2. Lights

    No need to clap-on or off, smart lights are designed to interact with Google Home, Alexa, Siri and others!

    With a wide selection available, Voice Controlled lights can be turned on and off, dimmed or even have their colors changed with a simple request!

  3. Music & TV

    Many of us have been taking advantage of the convenience our Echo Dots or Google Homes have provided for us in terms of music, weather, and other generic information for some time now.

    Nowadays many TVs are also coming voice ready, allowing consumers to search for a specific shows or movies with ease!

  4. Door Locks

    Have you ever locked yourself out of the house without a spare key in sight? Had a child lose their home key somewhere on the school bus?

    Not to worry! This nifty little gadget let’s you unlock the door remotely. It even allows you to send digital keys to others for as long as you want them to have access!

  5. Outlets

    If you’re looking for one of the simplest ways to control a variety of devices without investing too much money, Smart Outlets are one of your best options!

    Simply plug them into an existing outlet and you’ll be able to turn the device on and off with a voice activated device or your Smart Phone.

    Outdoor rated outlets are also available which makes turning holiday outdoor decorations on and off a breeze!

  6. Bathroom

    Want to get really high tec?

    How about installing a Smart Panel for your shower! Control water temperature, water pressure, steam, music and so much more without ever touching a knob!

  7. Toilet seat

    You heard me right; there’s a smart toilet!

    If you want your buns to be toasty, prefer your bidet stream a precise temperature, or want to be air dried, than this nifty toilet is exactly the luxurious item you’ve been waiting for!

  8. Vents

    For those who struggle with certain rooms in their home never heating or cooling to a comfortable temperature, this system was designed for you.

    At the touch of a button the shield on the vent can be opened or closed to help control the flow of hot or cold air within a room.

    This is also a great option for those who want a bit more control of their HVAC system while away from the home.