Many companies have gone back to the office full time, but there are still some professionals that work from home occasionally. If you’re someone who works from home either full-time or part-time, it’s important to have a productive space set up to do your work. Since we spend most of our day working, it’s important that you’re not only productive during those hours, but also making healthy choices. Here are some tips for creating a healthy home office.  

Focus on Ergonomics

Ergonomics is the study of how people work in their environment and how their space meets their needs. This includes how productive you are and how your body adapts to your working conditions. For example, for productivity, it’s important to have the tools you regularly use nearby, to accomplish your tasks easier and quicker. To make sure your body adapts to your working environment, you need to fill your healthy home office with furniture that will support good posture.  

Add Movement

It’s important to move your body throughout the day, even while you are working. Make sure to take breaks occasionally and get up and walk around. This will help your blood circulate through your body, giving you more energy. It will also give your eyes a break from looking at a screen for a few minutes. If you can, use your lunch break to get a quick walk or exercise routine in.

Adjust Lighting

Having adequate lighting is extremely important when creating a healthy home office. If your workspace isn’t lit properly, your eyes will have to work extra hard to adjust to your screen. If your eyes work too hard, it can cause strains and headaches. You can assist your eyes by having proper overhead lighting and side lamps as well. If your eyes easily get bothered by the blue light from technology devices, you can also purchase blue light glasses that help block harmful rays that cause eye strain.  

Experience Nature

It has been found that being near plants, nature, and sunlight, can enhance productivity. Part of creating a healthy home office includes setting up your workspace with elements of nature nearby. This can include desk plants or a nearby window that provides you with a glimpse of sunlight and the nature outdoors. You can also spend your lunch break taking a walk out sitting outside to get fresh air and vitamin D.