young woman reading a book in reading nook in her home.

Are you a book lover? Do you love to spend your free time reading? If you don’t already have one, a reading nook is a must-have in your home. This will be a place where you can relax, escape into your world of books, and enjoy reading in peace. So, how does someone create their very own reading oasis? Here are some of our favorite tips for creating the ultimate reading nook in your home! 

Use an Empty Closet

Do you have an empty closet in your home that you aren’t currently using? An empty closet can be a great starting point to build a reading nook. You can curl up on the ground with cozy blankets, add in comfortable seating, and even use shelving to display some of your favorite books. Make sure if you are using a closet that you have enough lighting to read without straining your eyes. You can also decide if you want a regular closet door, or to remove it and replace it with a curtain or beads to give it a cozier atmosphere. Use the following resources to help you turn a closet into your new reading wonderland. 

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Add Colors and Patterns

A reading nook is a great place to experiment with pops of color and unique patterns. You can paint the walls of the area where you are building one or even put up some removable or permanent wallpaper. If you don’t want to make drastic changes to your walls, you can even add color and patterns to area rugs, furniture, and blankets. If you need design inspiration, check out some of these ideas! 

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Decorate With a Theme

Do you love reading true crime and mystery books? You can get creative with newspaper clippings to frame and line your walls with. Or do you love romance novels? Why not, decorate the walls with love poems, hearts, and pink and red décor? This will help you really escape into another world when you crack open your next book. Here are some popular reading nook themes for inspiration. 

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Display Your Books

The most important part of having a reading nook, is filling it with all of your favorite books! You can show off some of your favorites by adding different shelving to display them. Here are some bookshelf ideas! 

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