decorating your new home for the holidays with simple neutral rustic palette in living room

Having a brand-new home for the holidays can be exciting and overwhelming all at once. It’s exciting because you have a blank slate for decorating with endless possibilities. However, this can lead homeowners to be overwhelmed with options, especially on top of all of the moving in and organizing stress they are already dealing with. Whether your design style is more extravagant, or you like to keep things on the simpler side, we are here to help with some inspiration for the holiday season. Here are some tips for decorating your new home for the holidays. 

Start with a Simple but Festive Color Palette

You don’t need to go overboard with colors when decorating your new home for the holidays. Start with two or three basic colors and use them as desired. With the holidays, some popular color combinations are red and green, golds and silvers, blue and white, and any others if you feel like stepping out of the norm. Places to incorporate your color scheme can be centerpieces, ornaments, tablecloths, throw pillows, and table décor. 

Add Warm and Cozy Touches

The holiday season embodies feelings of warmth and coziness, so why not implement that in decorating your new home? You can add elements of warmth and coziness with fluffy blankets and pillows, candles, and using warm lighting. If you have a fire place, real or faux, you can also play with décor to make it a main feature in the room. This helps to intensify the coziness in your new home. 

Let There Be Light

The holiday season is all about twinkling lights, whether they are multi-colored, blue and white, red and green, or simple white lights. You can add a magical touch of the holiday season to your new home by adding lights on your Christmas tree, table tops, staircase bannisters, and more! If you are not much for decorating, adding lights is a simple way of decorating your new home for the holidays. 

Consider Seasonal Decor

When decorating your new home for the holidays, consider decorating for the entire winter season instead of just a specific holiday. Of course, you can add a few specific holiday elements to your home whatever they may be. However, having most of your décor be winter themed can allow you to keep up most of your décor up throughout the entire winter season instead of being overwhelmed with taking it down right away. This way you can spend your time simply enjoying your new home for the holidays and entire winter season.