Halloween is right around the corner…have you figured out your costume? Or your kids? Don’t worry, we have you covered! Here are some of our favorite DIY Halloween costumes you can make at home!

Cereal Killer

What You’ll Need:

  • Mini Cereal Boxes

  • Plastic Knives

  • Old Tshirt or Hoodie

  • Glue

  • Paint

  • Fabric Pens (Optional)


  • Glue the mini cereal boxes onto your shirt.

  • Take the plastic knives and stick them into the boxes.

  • Make paint splatters on the shirt with red paint creating what looks like blood splatters.

  • Write the words cereal killer in paint or fabric pens. 


What You’ll Need:

  • 1 Umbrella (Dome Shaped)

  • 5 rolls assorted wired and curly gift wrapping ribbon

  • 2-3 LED string lights

  • Glue gun and/or strong clear tape

  • Velcro


  • Cut a combination of basic curling ribbon and wire gift wrap ribbon cut to approx. 30″ lengths.

  • Hot glue the curling ribbon to the other ribbon so there would be one unit to attach to the umbrella, instead of attaching each kind separately. 

  • Glue the ribbon pieces around the inside of the umbrella. You can reinforce with tape if needed.

  • Attach the LED lights. Secure battery packs with Velcro.

“Chick Magnet” Little Boy Costume

What You’ll Need:

  • Fuzzy Chick Stuffed Animals

  • Colorful posterboard

  • Foam Board

  • Silver duct tape

  • Hot Glue

  • Glue stick

  • Scissors

  • Marker/pencil/pen


  • Use a marker or pencil to draw a large horseshoe, classic magnet shape onto the poster board. Make sure to make it big enough that it will fit around the costume wearer’s neck, but not too big that it’s falling off their shoulders. 

  • Duplicate the first step, this time trace your poster magnet cut-out onto the foam board. Carefully cut the foam board to make sure it matches the shape of the poster.

  • Use your glue stick to glue the poster board and foam board together. It doesn’t take too much glue, but make sure the edges are nicely secured and that the layers won’t come apart. 

  • Wrap the silver duct tape around the bottom of the horseshoe ends of the poster and foam boards to make it look like a real magnet.

  • Dab hot glue on the duct tape, “magnetic part” of the magnet to secure some fuzzy little chicks.

Light-Up Stick Figure Costume

What You’ll Need:

  • 8 long glow sticks (or 16-18 short ones)

  • Clear packing tape

  • Dark clothing


  • Tape glowsticks along the limbs of the dark clothing.

  • Use the connectors that come in the glow stick package to make a circle for the head.

  • To secure the circle, tape it on the tshirts collar.

Grapes Costume

What You’ll Need:

  • Large bag of 12 inch to 15 inch diameter purple balloons (50 count)

  • 2-3 30 gallon trash bags

  • 24 square-inch piece of green felt

  • Long-sleeved black or purple shirt

  • Purple or black tights

  • 100 small safety pins

  • Purple knit hat


  • Blow up a quantity of purple balloons, making them various sizes. When you tie them off be sure to leave at least an inch at the ends. Keep them in 30-gallon trash bags. 

  • Cut a piece of green felt to make a circle that will fit around your neck, then cut the edges to make them jagged like a leaf. Fold the circle in half, then in half again. Snip off the inside corner to form a hole in the center, making one straight cut from the outer edge to the inner edge. This will be the opening that allows you to wrap the felt around your neck for the top of the grape bunch. Once this is completed, set the felt aside. 

  • Get dressed in your tights and long-sleeved shirt. At this time you will need assistance in finishing your costume. Once you have the undergarments on, take safety pins and very carefully begin pinning the balloons to your shirt, putting the pins through the ends. Place fewer balloons on the bottom of your costume near your hips, and more balloons at the top, shaping the bunch like a genuine grape bunch. 

  • Once the balloons are pinned on in the front and the back, slide the green felt collar over your neck. Place the cap on your head and you are suddenly transformed into a grape bunch. Now go and have a great time.

Minion Costume

What You’ll Need:

For the hat-

  • Yellow snow hat (knit hat works best)

  • Scissors

  • Black pipe cleaner

For the goggles-

  • Wrapping paper tube or paper towel tube

  • Scissors

  • Silver paint and brush

  • Black Elastic (1 inch width, 12-18 inches long)

  • Stapler


  • Cut your pipe cleaners to your desired length. Every minion has a different style of hair, so this is where you can get creative. 

  • At the top of your hat, take a piece of pipe cleaner and thread it through the hat. If you go slow, it threads right through the knit hat. 

  • Bend each piece of pipe cleaner up to stick out. Or to make the hair that is sticking up all over, space the threaded pipe cleaner 1 inch apart. 

  • With your scissors, adult only, cut off a section of paper tube, 1/2 inch thick. Depending on how many eyes you want your minion to have, cut a second tube section as well. 

  • Paint your tubes with your silver paint and let it dry completely.

  • Once your paper tubes are dry, staple them together in the center of the tubes, side by side. 

  • To attach the elastic, fold over your elastic 1/4 of an inch and staple it to the inside of the tube. Stretch it around to the other side of the tube and staple it to the second tube.