For decades the upstairs master bedroom has been the overwhelming preference when building a new home.

However as time goes on the Downstairs Master Bedroom is quickly making a comeback! Let’s look at the top four reasons for consumers to choose a Master Bedroom on the first floor rather than the second.

  1. Privacy

    For those with younger children who can’t seem to get enough of you, as well as older children who can’t get far enough away from you, a downstairs master bedroom can provide the respite you long for. Allowing children to have their own space upstairs separates your bedrooms just enough to give everyone the space and privacy they need to unwind and relax.

  2. Taking Care of Older or Disabled Relatives

    Caregivers of relatives who are older and/or those who have physical disabilities face a variety of daily challenges, one of them being mobility throughout the home. Stairs are often time a very difficult challenge leaving people the option of installing an expensive chair escalator or moving altogether. Building a home with a master bedroom on the first floor alleviates these issues and provides a safe hassle free alternative to overcoming the stair-issue.

  3. Stay as you age

    Not only will our relatives and those close to us age, we will as well. When debating between an up or downstairs master, consider how long you plan on being in the house in relation to your current age. If you plan on remaining in the home you plan to build until you older years, consider how much more convenient a master bedroom downstairs will be in the future.

  4. Energy Efficient

    For empty-nesters or those who rarely utilize the second story of their home, a downstairs Master Bedroom could reap great financial benefits. First floor bedroom provide the convenience of setting your thermostat higher/lower (depending on the season) to save a large percentage on your cooling and heating bills due to no one residing on the second story. There’s no point cooling/heating an upper story if no one lives there!